Feb 10, 2011


today was just a hectic day. i went to school, stopped home for 5 minutes or less (literally!) after school let out, then off to town to look at snow sculptures (which YOU will get to see beginning of next week.) then after that, we headed off to a wonderful evening of visiting. so i didn't get home until after 9:30 tonight. THAT is why this post is so late. i apologize! now on with the blog post...

yesterday, it was snowing like you wouldn't believe. it was so pretty, coming down thick and hard. just huge, fat flakes! mmm. i loved it! i've always wanted to be able to capture the flakes in action. so "aleta! come outside with me!"  and that was easy enough. our team of two trucked outside in attempt to capture the falling snow.

okay, i confess. i didn't do much 'scenery' capturing because there was aleta there. so how could i not photograph her? so, you get to enjoy a few pictures of dear aleta!

while these photos were being taken, lani was sitting in the house with this running through her mind, "ooh.. there's someone outside!? i really should go snowmobiling. should i? should i not?"

in that second photo up there, it's a bit blurry and it's focused on the hat. her eyes are not normal too.. but there was just something about it..

and this, down here, is leilani. slowly, you'll meet each member of my family. and today it's my dear sister. i am the oldest of us 6 kids, and this lady here is the one right under me. we are 15 months apart and i wouldn't be able to live without her! this is what you'll find her doing most often. she herself, her snowmobile, goggles, and red bandana. you should see her in action! i'll share with you someday what she looks like when she drives it. not a speck of skin shows. i promise!

up there, she was debating if she should come out. remember that? well as you can see, the snowmobile was calling her name. her hands itched to drive it, so somehow she found herself outside. but there was a bonus with this one, she got her picture taken too!! by golly, can you believe it!?

snowmobiling is a favorite of everyone's around here. at the beginning of the year, aleta wouldn't even go near the thing. now you gotta fight for your turn! she rides it, and loves it to go as fast as possible and she thinks its just the greatest being pulled behind on the sled! what fun and how fast they grow.


p.s. if you look closely, i DID capture the falling snow in some of the pictures. which was my mission. i wanted to do it. so look closely, such as the big picture of aleta.
p.s.s. i will apologize right now if i'm not here tomorrow. some tentative plans are in store, so there may or may not be my presence tomorrow on this blog.


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