Nov 19, 2013

derek + lindsey // married

Derek and Lindsey were seriously one of the sweetest couples ever. so enjoyable to work with them!! their day was so beautiful and filled with love.

 this necklace was her great grandmothers if i recall correctly and it served as her something old and something blue.

I LOVE the atmosphere of a home on the morning of a wedding!
 i was obsessed with her dress. i cannot lie.
 Lindsey chose to get ready with just her mom and do a big reveal to the bridesmaids:) LOVED how she did that!
 looking for her groom:) Lindsey was such a gorgeous bride!
 they were naturals.. i'm telling you:)
 i told Lindsey at their engagement session that if she could find a willow tree for bridal portraits i'd love her forever. and i still love her ;)  LOVE <3
 the one on the right.. i love that moment right before a kiss.
 the love in their eyes!
such a good looking couple:)
 such a beautiful bride!
deff a favorite:)
the bridal party was gorgeous!
 such a fun group they were.. seriously!
 i LOVE when the groom fiddles with his ring:)
 and yes, i had to prove that I definitely DO family photos:)
her ring is so gorgeous!
if i remember correctly, Lindsey's aunt made this sculpture. 
 I LOVE when the father hands off his daughter.
 the new Mr. & Mrs.!
until next time:)


at: November 24, 2013 at 2:55 PM said...

gorgeous pictures!

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