Mar 25, 2011


Lush green hills swell in front of me
And my chance for freedom magically appears
The wind makes my hair dance wild and free
As I twirl through the grass laughing with glee;
I know I will never shed any more tears.

When a halo of daisies encircles my head,
I become an angel of the field.
Like a butterfly my wings are spread,
All my troubles and worries are shed.
Then my afflicted soul is healed.

As the sun sets in the West,
Into the vivid colored sky i gaze.
When the sky is blanketed in darkness, i lay down to rest;
At this moment i realize i am very blessed,
Then my dreams, into the wind, are lifted away.

the name/title of this poem is "Simplicity" and i wrote it back in 9th grade. don't know what possessed me to share it, but for the longest time i have wanted to share it with you. i really don't know why! but here it is! i promised today's post would be a little different, and this poem is it.  i figured it was an easy way to end the week, before i have to bid you farewell for a whole entire week!

these flowers are from my mom's Christmas cactus. they are still blooming, and she wanted a picture of them because when we get back they'll all be gone. (unless new buds come, of course.)

today is the day that we travel to Minnesota. this is the day that i've been waiting for for the longest time. i'm in desperate need of a break from school, and i'm in even more in need of the fellowship of believing friends, believing people my age. this day... is like a dream come true!

i won't be around to talk about my life this next week, instead i'll be having fun and doing memorable things. spending time with relatives and friends, and taking pictures. lots of pictures! i want to wish you the best. have a great week while i'm in Minnesota vacationing! don't miss me too much! ;)  i promise there will be a quick-y post on that Monday after i get back.


p.s. i WILL miss you guys a lot and miss writing on here! but after i get back, guaranteed there will be LOTS for me to post. so please don't slip away in this week of my absence.


at: March 25, 2011 at 8:11 PM said...

Your not bidding me farewell...You are going to see me!!!<3 So glad you are coming! Can't wait to see you!
~Kyah Whit~

at: March 27, 2011 at 10:18 PM said...

Was fun to see you guys! Thanks for taking pics for us. Sorry my crew was so crazy for you! Excited to see the photos & hope to see you again before you head home...

Amanda & family

at: April 1, 2011 at 5:15 PM said...

Cute pictures!!!!!!!! - Janet

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