Apr 8, 2011

it's Friday..

..and i couldn't be happier. it's been a simply exhausting week. ever since coming home from Minnesota, i've been stuck in their time zone and into the groove of things from when i was there. pulling late nights and getting up early leaving me needing more sleep. and i've had my eyes glued to a computer screen all week to top it off. there WILL be more sessions next week. but for today? i'll drop a photo and run. 

THIS (above) is what i feel like doing this very moment. laying down, shielding my eyes from looking at anything, and sleeping. though these girl's aren't sleeping, just shielding their eyeballs from the blinding sun, I would be sleeping.

oh, and just so you know, there will be a HUGE surprise on Monday if you're at all interested. just cause im pooped now doesn't mean i'll be pooped then! :)

have a GREAT weekend, and catch up on any lost sleep. (heh, you can see what my plans are for this weekend, well, namely Saturday! that and editing more photos!)



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