Apr 15, 2011

just stuff!

what a hectic week. thank goodness it is Friday! i decided that i'm not going to share a photoshoot today, because i am just kinda, uh, lazy? ready to sleep? yes and yes.

i would like to talk about photography a bit though. some things i learned doing the shoots that i did in Minnesota:

1) make sure there is PLENTY of room on your memory card OR multiple memory cards before you head to the shoot. one shoot i ran out of space on the memory card that i had in my camera, and didn't have my bag with me. real smart, yeah, i know.

2) it's OKAY to be bossy! in fact, that's what people want me to do. if you're doing formal pictures, it's A-OK to tell them where to go and what to do without feeling bad.

3) check check check your settings before you've taken many pictures and realize that you might not be able to save them because the settings were off. (yes, i did this one too.)

4) there is no need to be nervous when heading to a photoshoot. every photoshoot i had was super fun and relaxed! not sure why i even worried in the first place.. silly girl!

5) don't be afraid to share your ideas with your client or give them suggestions. they may not like them, but hey, it's worth a shot! and bring props. or have them bring any props that they have and may want to use.

6) pretend like they are your family (well besides the 'getting angry' part.). just slide into what THEY'RE doing. be relaxed and easy going with them, kids like you better that way anyway.

7) most of all, be relaxed and HAVE FUN!

those are just a few things that i learned while shooting. i know there is oh so much more to learn. even this week i learned so much! so much about editing. i learned so much about lighting just by experimenting and such. speaking of which, Wednesday was a beautiful day. come evening, the sun was set just so on the horizon so i pretty much forced 2 of my dear sisters outside with me to model. boy am i ever glad i did! i got to experiment with the sun, and the wind was along that day too. i couldn't have been happier! (still am happy, matter of fact!)

my new best friends? the sun and the wind.   why? they make for BEAUTIFUL photos.

and just a reminder, tomorrow is the LAST day to enter the contest for the gift cards. click HERE to if you are interested. just a small recap of how you enter:

1. you get your first entry by simply 'liking' Simply Bree Photography on facebook.
2. you can get an extra entry if you tag Simply Bree Photography in a status promoting the business and/or this giveaway. (if you tag, you must write on my wall saying you have done so.)

have a great weekend!
i have a busy one. but in a good way! photo session tomorrow morn. :)


p.s.  if you are interested in seeing more photos from the shoot of the above photo, you can view them here. they might not be there until this afternoon, but they WILL be there today.


at: April 15, 2011 at 7:26 AM said...

oh my gosh. I LOVE that picture!!!

at: April 15, 2011 at 7:30 AM said...

Wow.. I love that picture too! I love your style, all your pictures are great!

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