Apr 21, 2011

lazy days!

okay, so not once have i ever posted without a photo, but hey, there is always a first, right? and today is the day. i had a lazy day yesterday, and never got around to doing a post. in fact, i didn't do ANYTHING related to photography, which is so unusual.  so i am giving this baby a little break and i'll reappear on here next week. next week Tuesday to be exact.

but before i slip away for these few days, i want to wish you the happiest Easter. enjoy your long weekend if you are lucky enough to get one! :)  i will be, uhh, hitting that shutter button all. weekend. long! but hey, you won't hear me complaining one bit! with family coming up for Easter, it's gonna be a good weekend. i can just tell already! quality family time will be spent and sleep will be caught up on, singing SHZ and hearing God's word all weekend long, what more could you ask for?

Happy Easter!

(psst.. remember that cavity i told you about awhile back? well i go in today to get it fixed on up. wish me luck!)


at: April 21, 2011 at 9:04 AM said...

Happy Easter and don't eat to much candy!! Oh and have fun at the dentist. Denise

at: April 22, 2011 at 7:48 AM said...

Yeah! Everything sounds good except the dentist...Im not too fond of that! :D
Kyah!!! <3 Ya Bree

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