Apr 13, 2011

T&A Hillukka | {Family}

whew. sorry for that little absence there. i worked yesterday evening and that cut my evening pretty short. then i got wrapped up in editing photos, and then a friend of mine called and we ended up talking pretty late into the night hours. and THAT is why there wasn't a post yesterday. but now i am back on track! :)

this here is an adorable little family of four. those two adorable kids? they're my cousins and the parents are my aunt and uncle. i don't much get to see them, so this day was such a fun day. we took pictures, laughed, and had an all around good time!

this is Levi. he was just over one year old when i took these pictures. such a doll! :)

mom and dad on the left. the two kiddos on the right.

one of my favorites from that day. LOVE this one. dad's talking to Alexis and Levi is just calm and chillin.

my favorite family shot from the day. they all look happy in this one. the sun was bright that day, and it was hurting the dad's eyes, so we settled for in front of the garage.

love this one too! Alexis is such a helper. :)

and last but not least. i just can't help but adore shoe pictures. i was in love with his little cowboy boots!

whew. that was a lot of pictures. hope you made it through them all!
and we are up to 90 'likes' on facebook! just 10 more and i will be drawing two names from the giveaway hat. so please like me on facebook HERE  and then share me with your friends if you haven't already! (if you forgot to read Monday's post, the details are there. please read!)

the week is halfway over. and you'll never guess what i accomplished yesterday. i finished editing all my Minnesota pictures! now to get them sent off in the mail.. :)

have a good one!


Dan and Rita says:
at: April 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM said...

They all turned out so cute, but I love the first one of Levi!!! So cute!!

at: April 13, 2011 at 5:08 PM said...

Yes!! I love their pics!! so cute to see the kids! No favorites here I really like them all! Denise

at: April 13, 2011 at 11:52 PM said...

Can't wait to get these in the mail! I really need to get some new pics of the kids up around the house.

A friend of mine commented on these and when I told her you're our niece and just 15 years old, she couldn't believe it! She thought the pictures were great so I just wanted to pass on the compliment! ~Amanda

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