May 28, 2011

here i am!

okay, i did promise to post every single day until i leave to MN, and i plan on following through!

today.. is the big day!! the end of the giveaway and let me tell you, i am so excited to pick that winner! winner will be chosen via and will be announced TOMORROW! if you have not done so, feel free to enter. instructions on how to enter are found HERE. my greatest wishes to you all!

on a separate note, i guess i'll just share a few tidbits about myself. not sure if you wanna know or not, but they're coming no matter what. i guess what i'll do, is share little random facts about myself. in fact, i'll share 5 likes of mine, and 5 dislikes/pet peeves of mine.

my 5 dislikes/pet peeves:
1. when people sit there and text while you're visiting/hanging out with them. or when they text at church/haps.
2. when people put obnoxious pictures of themselves and others on social networking sites (facebook especially). we aren't interested in seeing the same kind pictures over and over again, the only difference between each picture is the face you are making, or what you're doing with your hands.
3. when people think they are 'too good' to hang out or be seen with others.. because there is no such thing!
4. i dislike fighting with good friends. it tears me up and it feels so worthless. it's one of the worst things in the world!
5. i dislike stress and lonliness. they both wear me out and pull me down.

and now my 5 likes:
1. receiving emails from faraway friends.
2. taking and editing photos in photoshop.
3. spending quality time with family.
4. going to Minnesota so i can hang out with good friends and catch up on lost times. and go to church with my friends as well. that's one thing i think most people take for granted, and don't realize the blessing that it is in itself.
5. doing sessions. the fun times of meeting new people and laughing and having a good time.

and i will leave a photo, but if there isn't one right away, it's because i haven't made it over to the other computer to share a photo.

just a sneak for a session that's soon to come. 

have fun!

PS remember about the giveaway!! stay tuned for the winner tomorrow!!


at: June 3, 2011 at 5:02 AM said...

cant wait to see all the pictures!! :)

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