May 23, 2011

a little bit..

about me.
as i scanned my many recent blog posts, i realized with a start that there wasn't much personal stuff. it was all business related. so then it got me thinking and realizing that i need to share more about myself and my personal life. like come on now.. how boring is it sitting there reading the little paragraph on each session post? actually i take that back, maybe it's funner than reading this. i dunno. but i'm doing this for my sake, to give myself a contended feeling, and to one day look back on and read and maybe giggle a bit, or realize that i haven't changed as much as i thought.

i guess to start it off, i will share with you a few of my goals in life. my missions.
one thing i have always wanted, is to be a role model. when i was really young, my mom and a few of my older cousins were my role model. i always looked up to them, and would often think to myself "someday, i am going to be like them. i want little kids to look up to ME."  and that has been my goal in life. i strive to attain it. i watch my every move, my every step and think, would this be something i want the kids underneath me to see as an example and follow? so i often find myself examining my actions and what i do, and realizing i often act more mature than others my age. i'm sure that sometimes i'm looked at as a 'goody-goody', but i have realized that i really don't care. it's who i am and who i want to be. someday, i want to look back, and have others look back, and be proud of my actions, be happy with the way that i did things. i don't know if anyone younger looks up to me, but i do try to be their role model.

another little mission of mine, is i've always wanted to be an inspiration. i've wanted to do something in my life, WITH my life, that will inspire people to do something with theirs. i want to do something that says "if I can do it, then YOU can do it." i've lived through more trials and hardships than most, and if i call pull my head up and accomplish something to be proud of, there isn't a reason others can't. but what better feeling is it, than knowing your works have inspired others to either follow in your footsteps and make an impression on the world themselves, or do something else knowing that they CAN do it rather than just dreaming about it?

and that was a lot to take in. but that's not it.. i promise! there will be more to come tomorrow. but before i leave you today, i want to share one more small piece of information.

one of my biggest pet peeves, is when people say "I can't."  because, yes, you can.  so instead of saying "i can't." how about saying "i'll try."

and then a sneak of what i edited this weekend. more to come this week!



Tyger says:
at: May 27, 2011 at 2:18 PM said...

Hey, since you are interested in being an inspiration/role model, check out this link:

:) That is... if you haven't read it yet!

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