May 2, 2011

what a vacation!

i could sum it all up with that one phrase. and being that i've hardly gotten home with next to no time to edit pictures, i will give you 10 things that we did on vacation and then give more about it tomorrow.

1. we spent the night at a hotel that was right on the lake. it was right on one of the great lakes, i just can't remember which one it was.

2. we saw three out of five of the great lakes all in ONE day. we saw Lake Superior (which we see all the time since we live by it), Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron.

3. we drove across Mackinac Bridge. if you are not familiar with this bridge, it costs $3.50 to cross it one way, it is five miles long, it connects Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas, and, as you drive across it, is quite scary to look down at the water.

4. we played at a park right on one of the great lakes. the weather was beautiful. and gorgeous days for photos as well.

5. we sat on the bench and pouted. well not all of us did, just a select few.

6. one word: dandelions.

my plan was to put all the photos in black and white, but, well, these ones just NEEDED to be in color to give full justice.

7. we saw GREEN! it was everywhere! it was definitely a sight for sore eyes.  beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

8. we visited relatives. much needed visits at that! we are now thinking that 6 or 7 years is a bit too long of a time to go between visits.

9. we met relatives that we had never met before. sad to say, but it's true. great aunts and great uncles were met. (and their dogs, too!) what a great time!

10. we spent quality family time. was quite a treat!

i'm not quite sure if your realized this or not, and not sure if i mentioned it, but we actually headed downstate for Leilani's history day competition. we squealed in a little late, so i wasn't able to grab any photos of her and she didn't advance to nationals. was definitely a good experience though!

this vacation was definitely worth missing school for. i don't regret it one single bit! two long weekends in a row can't be beat either. i had to short weeks with two long weekends, i'm not complaining. and guess what!? this week is a four day week too. we're missing school tomorrow. why? you'll just have to wait and see! :)

hope your weekend was good! and hope i haven't lost you in my long absence! happy Monday!



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