Jun 1, 2011


in this house, there's a lot of it anyway. (excitement that is.) but not only is it excitement, there's stress too. you ask why? because, we leave to Minnesota tomorrow. and am i even close to being completely packed up and ready to go? absolutely NOT! in fact, what i have done to help myself be organized so i don't forget anything, is make up little lists so i can check off things as i pack them. AND so i don't forget ANYTHING. because i can't chance that.

but, even amidst the business, i must follow through with my promise and post every day..

so today you get a teeny peek of the photoshoot i did of my little sisters. i did it specifically to test out my new actions, and i am IN LOVE! i hope you are too, after you see the photos! eeek. it's SO exciting!! i seriously think this is the best purchase i have ever made. honestly!

there are much more that i am sharing, and they will be found here later this afternoon.

this one was my absolute favorite, so i just had to share it in a 'larger' form. :)

and not only will this photoshoot/session be found on here later, two other sessions that i've been meaning to post will also be there and will NOT appear on the blog.

and one last thing, it's JUNE today. can you believe it!? i sure can't! didn't May just start!?

and after today, there will be a post on Friday, and then after that there probably isn't going to be another post until next Wednesday (a week from today), because that is when i will be up north at my new 'home' with my new 'family' for the summer! and trust me, when i am back, there will be LOTS of new things to share. sessions all weekend long, that's why!

so have a great Wednesday! and off i go to continue my packing.


Zak says:
at: June 7, 2011 at 1:45 PM said...

I really like these pictures, but I'm a bit curious. What exactly do the Photoshop actions do the the pictures? They look a bit different than normal, but I can't quite put my finger on why.

at: June 10, 2011 at 7:51 AM said...

I love the picture of "A" in the wagon! Simply adorable.

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