Nov 28, 2011

contentment and a rubber duck | {baby photographer}

so begins a new week after a long weekend. i'll say more about the weekend on some later date. today, i have a session to share.

wow. i must admit i'm pretty embarrassed as i look back and realize how awful long it has been since i last posted a full session. wowza! i need to speed it up a bit, and start blogging every. single. day! it's now a mission of mine. in fact, i'm going to leave a sticky note on my computer screen reminding me. dead serious.

Mr. T here is such an adorable baby. let me tell you! so adorable! when we showed up, he had just woken up from a nice long sleep, so we weren't able to get any sleeping pictures, but that's alright. he was so content, and the rubber duck? well one of my sisters graciously was trying to give it to him, and so it ended up showing it's face in a photo. or maybe it was two. 

i simply adored his head full of hair! reminded me of myself when i was a baby, a head full of black hair. and his baby toes.. mmm.. nothing quite like it! he was five weeks old when we did the photos, but he only weighed just over 9 lbs, so he still was newborn size. i was in my glory!

dig these adorable socks!

what a sweet little man, eh?
 he was so intrigued by me and my camera. he watched every movement i made! (as the photo on the right shows..)
love both of these photos! 
 i admit, i'm obsessed with baby toes. like how are these toes not adorable? i just love them! had to share this one even though i've shared it before!

and these last two photos are potentially my favorite two photos of the whole day. i absolutely L.O.V.E them! and i'm not kidding. i'm not sure what i love so much about them, maybe it's just the calm look and air he has about him, or maybe it's those eyes, i'm not sure, but whatever it was, they just stuck out to me. and i love them. (have i mentioned that yet?)

well.. there you have it. and i plan on sharing with you more often. the sticky note is intact (no joke!), so that should hopefully help?:)

have a fantastic Monday!



Tyger says:
at: November 28, 2011 at 5:45 AM said...

Go Bree! btw, I couldn't help but notice the "little REBEL" on the shirt... love that too!

at: November 28, 2011 at 4:28 PM said...

Soooo cute! Love it. :)


Ramona Johnson says:
at: November 29, 2011 at 6:01 AM said...

Going to miss going see this little guy. Too bad they moved so far away!

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