Dec 6, 2011


this girl, just makes me smile.

we should really just call her ms. independence! she has started needing to do everything on her own. dressing herself, undressing herself, bringing her food to the table, eating at a chair that doesn't contain her booster like a big girl, bringing her plate to the sink after she's done eating, taking her outdoor stuff off when coming inside, just needing to do everything by herself!

and her little mouth is starting to repeat everything that is said. and she is, for the most part, able to effectively communicate what she wants through words, rather than her old 'uh uh' and grabbing your hand and pointing to what she wants way of 'talking'. 

her little brain just doesn't miss a beat, either. she takes in everything you do. and she's a go-getter. my mom says she's about 3 boys (mind you, my mom is from a family of 18 children, and my grandma (her mom) said that my brother was the wildest kid she had ever seen. take him x3) in one kid. messy as can be, CONSTANTLY into something (no joke!), the whole 'pony tail and clip' thing just doesn't appeal to her, well, until recently. i think she really likes the attention that a pony tail brings to her more than anything.

anyway, in these photos she had just had a diaper change and insisted on putting her own pants on. check it!:) they're on backwards, but she did it all herself. just love these little moments.

you've gotta enjoy these moments while they last, i suppose. they're gonna be gone before we know it!



at: December 6, 2011 at 11:13 AM said...

She is SOOO cute!! -Austen

at: December 6, 2011 at 4:28 PM said...

and you gotta love the one who photographs them for her mom!! Denise

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