Dec 20, 2011


today, i come bearing news. a HUGE announcement!

*I am going to be increasing my prices coming into effect January 1, 2012!!!*

The packages and packaging options will be changed as well!

i feel that i have stepped beyond the beginning stage. i have much more faith, much more confidence in myself. since i started, i have watched myself blossom, i have watched my confidence grow. my work improves with each photo i take. i feel that i am able to comfortably take this next step forward, i'm able to expand myself, my business. 

in truth, i have increased my knowledge of photography through practice, working with clients, reading, etc., i have gained a lot more experience along with my understanding of a business. it costs money to run a business, it definitely isn't free! so taking all these things into account, it seemed reasonable that my prices are increased.

if you already have a session scheduled with me, be it before the end of the year or after the new year, you will still get the rates i have right now. and, if you schedule a session before the end of 2011 (it can be scheduled to take place during the first 4 months of 2012), you will get my current rates. but, remember, IT HAS TO BE SCHEDULED BEFORE THE NEW YEAR to receive the current rates!

so all in all, my prices are going to increase. i feel it's time. there will also be new photo packages, where you order through me. that's all i'm going to say now. details to come sooner to the beginning of the new year!

it seems like that was quite a load to throw at you. so i'll let you enjoy some of our snow! and what are your thoughts about a giveaway? maybe of a session? let me know if that would interest you at all!

have a great Tuesday!

ps. i only have one more day of school left this week! and... i get my bottom braces put on this Thursday. groan!

pps. did you notice i forgot to post a quote yesterday? oops! that's what happens when your brain is all over the place. and you're tired.


at: December 20, 2011 at 10:41 AM said...

Would you mind bringing some of that snow this way!? -Austen

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