Jan 15, 2012

a dinosaur?

here he is.. searching for the dinosaur in my lens.

maybe by scrunching those eye brows and really looking hard the dinosaur will appear more clearly.

now he's starting to wonder if i'm pulling his leg. he just can't seem to find it!

ah-ha! has he found it? or has he figured me out?

i'm not sure, but whatever happened, it worked. he started to be himself and ham-it-up for the camera!

he hadn't wanted to look at my camera. he hadn't wanted to cooperate. then i remembered, there was a big roaring dinosaur clunking around inside my camera. seriously, how could i have forgotten? so i sent him into my lens, trying to find this dinosaur.

i've used this trick many times. (if it's a girl, i might switch it up to a butterfly or something along those lines) and let me tell you, it has yet to fail me. its a way to get kids to look at the camera, but then it also gives you the ability to capture a true genuine look, not some fake-y smile plastered on just because you told them to 'say cheese!'

this is just one small trick that can make a big difference, just sayin! and now i have given you a sneak peak into the session i will be sharing with you tomorrow!

have a great Monday!


Dan and Rita says:
at: January 16, 2012 at 5:01 PM said...

What a cute boy!!

Deborah Johnson Wood says:
at: January 17, 2012 at 11:35 AM said...

You are so clever. Great shots. Super cute kid, too. Very neat technique that makes the photos fun.

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