Jan 2, 2012

happy new year!!

so.. i'm like 2 days late. sorry!

we were actually traveling home from Minnesota on New Years Day, and didn't get home til evening and by that time, i didn't feel like sitting (MORE SITTING) in front of the computer like i probably should've, so i saved it for another day aka TODAY!

the year 2011, to me, has a lot of meaning. to be honest, though, as the new year was approaching, i didn't know if i was ready for it! 2011 was amazing. a lot of good things, as well as some painful things, were placed in my life, leaving it the best year of my life so far. i experienced new and amazing things, made many cherishable memories that i will hold onto forever, many lessons about life and acceptance were learned, and many people walked into my life as well as some walking out. i was left with amazing friends that love me for who i am, and accept me that way. (i know i talk about friends a lot, but they really mean so much to me.)  and being the sentimental person that i am, i wanted to hold onto the year 2011 for all it was worth, i wanted it to stay 2011 forever. then i realized how foolish i was being and told myself that i can't do that, i have to view 2012 as a whole new start, a fresh clean slate for a brand new year, and i have to make the most out of it. i have to make it BETTER than 2011. because it is definitely possible! in fact, 2012 is full of infinite possibilities!

even though i told myself this, the last few days of 2011 was an emotional roller coaster for me. i was reliving many moments from the year, not wanting to let some of the pain go because it sometimes still comes back to haunt me, to tackle and overtake my brain. but i survived those last few days. and on December 31st, i really didn't know what i was feeling, what my emotions were. i was excited for the new year, but sad and scared to see 2011 slip behind me, as well. and, as i watched the clock slowly inch its way to midnight on the last day of 2011, i put my head down, took a deep breath, and knew that i was ready for it. i absorbed every last second of 2011 but was ready to start clean again, start fresh!

so to go along with the new year, i also came up with my new year resolutions, and figured i'd share! i have nine right now, but i have a feeling the list is going to grow! here goes...

1. take a photo a day.

2. Remember the good of my past, cherishing all of the good memories.

3. Forgive and forget. Let go of the pain of my past (mainly of this last year) and move forward in life.

4. Try to always see the glass as half full, not half empty.

5. One word: Advertise!

6. Exercise each and every day.

7. Be happier!

8. remember to count my blessings each and every day. I have so much to be thankful for, so remember to be thankful for it!

9. Smile and say hi to at least one person that I don't know each day!

and that is what i have down as of right now. and i'm going to stick by them firmly. i must!! please share what some of YOUR new year resolutions are!

and, since i don't stop by without a photo...

my new year resolutions!

and that is about all for now, folks! i'll be back with my weekend and a giveaway too! promise!

ps.. you can track my 366 day photo challenge through a tab up by the other tabs! if i can figure it out, that is!


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