Feb 27, 2012

a little fashion statement.

this is Seliina.

i'm attempting to train her to take after me. whether this is a good thing, i'm not sure! you decide that one for yourself. :)

this is where it all started. you see, this family of mine contains one sort of girly-girl* and that happens to be, well, none other than me! each night i choose my outfit for the following day (yes, even though i am internet schooling and yes i know i'm a junior, but does that matter? wait. don't answer that.), sometimes changing it many many times before i'm satisfied enough to hit the sheets. pathetic and cheesy, i know. but it's been this way for.. oh goodness(!).. who knows how long. and hey, it's hard to break an old habit. whew. makes me want to hide just thinking about breaking this habit. 

but get this: the next day, i often times will change my already-picked-out outfit yet again. i can't go somewhere not being put together, or looking half-way put together at least. so me and sweats you're wondering? we're a pretty much impossible combination. i won't wear sweats on my own free will. they make me feel like a slob, or make me feel just ish. i don't know how to describe the feeling, to be honest.

anyway, to the point here. all the rest of my sisters (well the other two of them), aren't the girly type. they're content to just reach in their drawer and wear what they pull out. but see, my mom is that way too. well she doesn't just reach in and wear what she pulls out, but she is pretty casually dressed. so my mission, is to train dear Seliina here to be at least somewhat girly. sounds like a good plan, right?

so this outfit really isn't too fancy or anything special. in fact, all it is is a t-shirt that Aleta outgrew so i threw it on Seliina for the oversized look, paired it with some black leggings (and a white sweater after taking the photos, unfortunately.), and then those sweet little boots just finished 'er off. :) she's only little, so you gotta keep it simple and comfy enough to romp around in. 

well there you have it.:) have a fantastic tuesday!


*i am not by any means a straight up girly-girl. i am not scared of getting dirty (in fact, i usually instigate finding the mud and whatnot!), my clothes are definitely not all name brand, i don't wear heels. it's just that i like to look nice and feel put together. :)


at: February 28, 2012 at 8:48 AM said...

Cute! Elsa has a matching sweater to those boots! So cute!

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