Apr 30, 2012



..spending time with an old friend does the soul some good.

..all you need is a little time away from life.

..letting your tears run free, letting them run down your cheeks, helps. it can physically relieve.

..a small phone call can mean a lot.

..stress presents itself. and multiplies. are thankful for the friends you have in your life.'s okay to stop and take a quick breather. words need to be said. the silence is comfortable, and you are understood.

..a few hours of sleep helps.

..a soft smile finds its way onto your lips. and stays there. enjoy the beauty around you. accept that you are perfectly imperfect. try love yourself for who you are. realize all you have taken for granted. and are thankful for even the smallest things.'s best to keep things simple.

..simple is the most beautiful.

..a nice soft edit is all it takes. color or b&w.

..i wish i had freckles. i adore photographing them.

..this girl wishes she was as photogenic as her sisters.

until next time.


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