Jun 6, 2012

mini sessions.

okay. so i will offer mini sessions ONLY through the month of June. and depending on if they go over well, i might throw them out there for longer. this is totally and completely new for me, so we'll see how it goes!

i have decided that i am going to offer two mini session 'packages'.

package one:
45 minutes of shooting time.
A disc of 20 - 25 high resolution proof images with a print release.
cost: $80.00

package two:
45 minutes of shooting time.
Disc of copyrighted low resolution images.
$30 dollar print credit.
cost: $75.00

and there you have it! they are very simple. i want to see how well they go over! i'm actually kind of nervous and very excited to be doing something new!

there are still a few open sessions for next weekend! you can see the dates HERE, though now they are not all open. so you may want to book your session before they're all filled up.:)

and i cannot leave you without a photo. i hope this one made you smile.:)



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