Aug 14, 2012

b&a // my love for photoshop.

here i am. still bad about blogging.

but i'm here today. for a short little bit to share a little something about me and my photographic style.:)

so me? i'm a photoshop user all the way! lots of photographers i follow use lightroom, so my curiosity got the best of me and i did the 30 day trial run that adobe offers and tested out lightroom. i've tinkered around in it and watched videos on its use and such, edited some photos in it, and have come to the conclusion that it just isn't me. it just doesn't fit my photography style. i know photoshop so well that i just couldn't jump over to lightroom. there's no way around that simple fact.

i'll share with you a few of my most recent edits. just using photoshop. no lightroom in any of these photos, folks! *AND all edits are hand edits!! no actions here.. though i have found actions that definitely define my brand that i will be investing in soon.*

i LOVE working with backlight!!!

hands down one of my all time favorite images and edits!

hardly touched this photo! pure yumminess. (just realized they aren't the exact same photo.. ooops!)

and probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE photograph ever. EVER.

one last question for you guys. i am TERRIBLE about blogging. so here is the idea i have to help me be better about blogging. how about, i post one photo a day with either no words, or just a few words. this will make me blog more and keep you updated on what i'm doing and where i'm at in life! this is what i'm going to start doing.. but any other suggestions are very welcome!

and i'm headed out of town for a week, leaving tomorrow! i'm getting my senior pictures done (which i'm EXTREMELY excited for!) and i have four sessions myself. so i'll be busy and away from the computer! which means if you need to contact me, you will have to call/text me or be patient for my return when i have access to the internet to reply to any emails.:)

have a good week! and i promise to start posting a photo a day (once i return!).



Marlys Folly says:
at: August 14, 2012 at 6:32 PM said...

I use picasa for editing all my photos... although I do have photoshop but I find it harder to do..think I need to look into lightroom. Also need to figure out how to watermark all my pictures so they all look the same.

Melissa says:
at: August 30, 2012 at 5:15 PM said...

I'm a photoshop girl too. I feel like it's more powerful than lightroom! And don't buy actions, just make your own! I record my own actions a lot, and then use batch editing to apply it to 10 photos or so at the same time. Then I go back and adjust each one accordingly. It works great for when I have a TON of photos like weddings!

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