Nov 11, 2012

my girl.

here is my baby sister Seliina.

she's two and a half, so she isn't really a baby, but she's still my baby sister. and we have a special bond that i hold very near and dear to my heart. anyways, i was having some serious withdrawals from shooting and editing, so i gave her a quick tubby, dressed her up, and brought her out.

this girl is a go-getter. and she likes to chat with me. and she loves making my iced tea! and she has a sweet little soul and heart. i hope she stays that way for her whole life.

here is her sweet side! with her adorable smile.:)

and her silly side.:)

and she LOVES talking to my boyfriend on the phone.:) i actually bribed her with a computer talk (skype date) with him for some cooperation. it worked!

and my darling little sister can pull of the serious face very very well!!
this one's not the sharpest/clearest photo, but i had to share it anyway:

she posed herself here: and i just die over her eyes. <3

and because i'm the queen of eyelashes shots:

and i just couldn't resist this happy one. :) how could this not make you smile!? (actually the top smiling one with her hands by her face is my favorite!)

i love my baby sister. <3

and you know that you have found the right profession when you have withdrawals from it (or does that mean i'm a workaholic!?). it feels good to be caught up, but i do absolutely LOVE having some shooting and editing to do! i have a feeling that winter is gonna be loooong!


PS.. there still is time to get family photos done before the holidays for christmas cards! and i have availability!!


Katelyn says:
at: November 11, 2012 at 9:13 PM said...

So cute :)

Marlys-thisandthat says:
at: November 12, 2012 at 2:35 PM said...

love these pictures... Saving a couple of them, hope you don't mind.

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