Jan 7, 2013

project fifty-two // week one

so.. i tried. i really did. i tried to do a photo-a-day but guess what!? i missed the 4th. so then i decided to try this. a photo-a-week (hence fifty-two for 52 weeks in a year) should be much more manageable!

so a few photographers along with myself teamed up together to do this project fifty-two! i think with encouragement and fellow photographers joining me on this adventure it should be easier to follow through with. and you're very welcome to jump on the bandwagon too! just give me a holler.:)

the theme for this week was very braod since we didn't start til five days in, so the theme is  snow!

here's my take at snow:

and go check out the other photographers that are joining me!:)

You can see Natalie's (Natalie Carolyn Photography) work  HERE! and you can follow her project fifty-two there.:)
and you can follow Dara's (Dara Sikkila Photography) work HERE!

join us on the crazy, exciting, fun adventure!:)



Marlys says:
at: January 8, 2013 at 4:50 AM said...

This sounds like a wonderful thing to do... I should start something similar on my photography blog... I just don't seem to get as many post on that one... but I did do a snowy post lastweek.. Although because it was so cold, my pictures didn't turn out very well.. My fingers wouldn't cooperate with changing the settings.

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