Aug 27, 2013

Maria // 2014 Senior

Maria was my first girl senior this year, and seriously, i couldn't have had a more gorgeous senior. i'm not even kidding you. i secretly LOVED that she wasn't able to fin an outlet to curl her hair, because then she was more her:) and Maria's happiness and laughs are so contagious. she seriously is gorgeous both inside and out! thanks for letting me document this important time in your life! i couldn't have loved it more!

spiral staircases are lots of fun to photograph on:)
how come some people are just so doggone gorgeous!? IT'S NOT FAIR.!

okay. i don't have a studio, but Maria's mom wanted a formal shot for up on the wall, so we made this happen:) for those who also have mom's who want something for the wall, we really can make it happen.

thanks again, Maria! i had so much fun and you are so gosh darn beautiful!


at: August 28, 2013 at 4:06 PM said...

she IS gorgeous. very nice pictures!

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