Jan 9, 2015

sbp update

as always, it's been ages since i last blogged, and so much has happened.

as many of you probably already know, just over four months ago we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Matilda, into our lives making us a family of three. anyone that knows me, knows that it has been my dream to be a mommy ever since i was a little girl. ever since i was a little girl, i've said i wanted to have 12 kids. 

since our sweet Matilda was born, i have had 2 photo sessions, one of which is just shipping out the door (so embarrassing as it was about 3 months ago). this has really opened up my eyes and made me sit down and really think about my photography business and where i want to go with it. after much thought, talking to my hubby, i have decided that it is most important that i focus on being a mommy. so i'm hanging up my photography hat for now.

being a mommy is not easy, by any means, but oh so rewarding and far greater than i could ever have imagined. i'm finally feeling like i've finally found the balance of a clean house and keeping my baby happy. so with that, i really want to put all my focus and attention on raising my children and being the best wife i can be. photography will always be a passion of mine, but you really cannot run a business half heartedly. you either have to be all in, or not in at all. so i've decided that i'm gonna step away.

i just recently heard somewhere, that when you become a mom, you mustn't give up on your own dreams. you need to still pursue your dreams. and you know what? my lifelong dream has been to be a mom. i've wanted a houseful of kiddos. i want the fingerprinted windows that come with motherhood, the messes, the toddler covered in dirt from head to toe, the spit up and boogers wiped on my shirt, all the triumphs that come with being a mommy-that first smile, the first tooth, a first step, the first words, the tears as you send them off to their first day at school, and then those moody teenage years. i want to be the shoulder my kids can cry on, the one that can kiss away their boo-boos, the one that raises them up and teaches them morals and manners, the one that is their biggest comfort when they are sad, the one they turn to for advice. and one day when they've grown up and moved on (which i know will be sooner than i could ever imagine), i hope that they always want to come "home."  i've looked forward to it all. i know it's going to be the hardest thing i have ever done or ever will do in my life and i know it's going to be a crazy and beautiful ride full of many ups and downs, but i'm ready. so ready. this is all i've ever wanted.

photography? i'm going to be brutally honest. it hasn't been a dream of mine always. not a dream, but a passion. and i will carry on that passion with my family. i will still use my photography passion to document my family's life and preserve our own memories. that is what is most important to me now.

and with that, i'm gonna wrap this up. i really hope you all understand where i'm coming from. also, my photography page will slowly disappear. this is very bittersweet for me, but ultimately my family will ALWAYS come first.

if you are interested in still following along with me in my every day life, i post almost daily (sometimes more than 1x a day) on instagram. my instaname is   breeskoog  :) you can follow along with me and see my daily life!

i do want to thank all of you that have followed my photography journey from the very beginning and have shown me the support you have. for all of you i am forever grateful. i am so incredibly humbled. and honored. so honored for all the people that trusted me to document such important and beautiful times in your lives! thank you x a million.

and with that, i will let you ago. again you can follow along on instagram (@breeskoog)!

and i can't go without sharing one (or two) of my precious baby girl.

at 3 months:)

she loves her tummy time<3

and 4 months<3 adorable outfit from sakatah colors :)



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