Feb 28, 2011

Abraham Lincoln and Star Fruit

last week, old Abe came for a surprise visit the other day; he popped in for a quick visit to check on how things were and to catch up on old times! he shared a few stories of his magnificent works and he even brought his tall, black hat, while we showed him some of the newest things in this world and shared a few stories of our time.

old Abe really was my cute brother Galen, whom i'm hoping to be able to properly introduce this week. one week ago was presidents day and since we had to go to school that day, the school has to do something to honor or recognize the presidents, making Abraham Lincoln hats is how the kindergarten recognized the presidents (one of them, rather). so with his cute little Abe Lincoln hat, he dressed himself up and asked me to take pictures. (now this is a rare occasion. so of course i snapped up the opportunity!)

then last week sometime, my mom bought star fruit. i had never heard of or seen this stuff before. so they got it all cut up and were about to take a bite when i jumped up and told them to 'hold the phone!'  by all means.. i had to take some pictures! it was so cool looking, don't you think!? it has a really funny taste though. a taste that i didn't particularly like a ton. i mean, it was okay, just not my favorite. kind of a cross between rhubarb and lemons (or that's what i personally thought).

have a good Monday!


p.s. wow. i just realized that today is the LAST day of February! kind of hit my like a slam in the face! where in the world does the time go!? didn't 2011 just start!?

p.s.s. i might be taking a lengthy break from this blog. maybe the rest of this week? maybe more? our water pressure tank is emptied and we don't know when it will be fixed. we are headed to my grandma and grandpa's tonight. so for now, all plans are revolving around what happens with the water pressure tank.


Sue Hill
at: February 28, 2011 at 11:23 AM said...

Oh no! Hope the water pressure tank gets figured out soon. Are those pictures on the wall of you kids on canvas? Looks really cute!

at: February 28, 2011 at 11:30 AM said...

I bought star fruit a couple of times, but not sure if I really liked it or not.... The last time was after Magloire got here, so he was able tell me when it was the perfect time to eat it.... It is good in a fruit salad and it looks nice cut up.... Marlys

at: March 26, 2011 at 8:28 PM said...

nice hat

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