Feb 25, 2011


wowza. these days have been beautiful! (have i said that before!? i'm thinking i have maybe once or twice, or something anyway!) i know that these days won't last forever though, so im taking advantage of them while they're here! in fact, yesterday (Thursday) brought in some snow, BUT it was only a light dusting. (thank goodness!) by the end of the day, the sky was clear and the sun was shining bright and warm again.

since the sun was shining, i snapped up the opportunity to take a few pictures. by all means, when your little sister is willing to model and cooperate for photos, why not!? but these photos opened a new door for me! (many doors are opened, one at a time, and every time a new one opens, i get a feeling of happiness and contentedness!) recently, my dad and my uncle have both told me that i should try shooting in RAW. they promised that i would like the all around image better, and that there was much more you could do to the photo-editing part of it as well. and right they were! the pictures were beyond what i was expecting. im thinking that i won't change back. ever again. in plus, this warm weather provided a beautiful opportunity to test this out. i had so much fun!

and when the sun peeked out yesterday, i was practically on my knees begging one of the kids to let me take pictures of them. Aleta willingly let me take photos of her, even though i had taken photos of her on Wednesday. and since none of the other kids would let me, that is what i did. (i won't complain though, she is so photogenic!)

these were taken yesterday. the sun was shining, but it was still a tad chilly, so after i snapped these, Seliina was whisked back on inside.

now these ones (the first two, that is) were taken on Wednesday and they are the ones that opened the door to me. when i tweaked the photos just a bit, i couldn't believe it. something i'd always dreamed of doing!

and these ones just because. the first one is taken with self timer, and that would be myself and Aleta, and the second one is a 'just because' picture. it was taken Wednesday, and i'm sharing it because i can. :)

well it's once again friday, so i will bid you off with the hopes that you have a fantabulous weekend! go explore and open a few doors for yourself. :)



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