Feb 23, 2011
last week the weather was just gorgeous. so gorgeous it reached 64 degrees at one point. seriously, when is the last time there has been temps that high in the middle February!? it's beyond my knowledge, but i wasn't complaining one bit. in fact, i was outside soaking up the warmth! it wasn't too hot or too cold. just perfect. i loved it!

since last Wednesday, when it reached the balmy 64 degrees, we've only had one blizzard-like day. that was on Friday. in fact, the weather was so bad that we got let out of school 2 hours early, how sweet is that!?

yesterday it was only 34 degrees or so, but it was clear, sunny skies so the snow meltage continued. now it is very common to see bare patches left and right, in fact most ditches are snow free! there is one drawback though.. where it ISN'T bare ground, it's ice. like a solid inch of ice. ish. but i'll live with it most definitely, if it means that the snow is gone and warm weather is on it's way, i'll take it!

these photos are from last week, but i promised last week that i'd share them with you. (remember the Friday post? the one with the 'teaser' pictures? well this is it!)

my two brothers..

alright.. i really did have one more picture collage to put up, but the dumb thing wouldn't load. so now i'll just leave you with three larger images. three of them that were on the collage.

dig the snowpants with short sleeves.  these kids played outside all. day. long on those nice days. can't say i blame them! i was outside quite a bit myself. well not by myself, i had my camera in hand.

and this picture i just can't help but share. i just love it. i can never get a really good picture of her smiling, so finally i did! she is so photogenic and such a willing model. what would i do without her!? and it was especially nice with the warm weather. what a great photo taking opportunity!

that's all for today folks. i've got my fingers crossed that today is going to be another lovely day. i'm not sure what it'll bring quite yet, but this snow can go. i won't be complaining!



at: February 23, 2011 at 9:06 AM said...

Love the pictures of the kids running towards the woods and also the picture of Aleta. Marlys

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