Feb 22, 2011

Keegan's Joke and Sweet Shop.

as i walked up, i saw the sign. it read:

fake snot  -  3¢
fake dirt  -  S 5¢   M 10¢   L 25¢
cups with holes   -  5¢

10¢  -  butterscotch marshmallows
10¢  -  butterscotch dipped pretzels

a cute young man with a buzzed head was running the cute little shop that had a sign with these words hanging out front. he only sold a few items, as you can see, and his supply was limited so i was very fortunate to be one of his customers and had the honor of purchasing a few of his goodies.

as i entered, he quickly opened up his boxes of goodies so they were presentable. as he was doing so, i asked to snap a few photos, and, with the go-ahead, snap photos i did. when he was ready for customers, i rifled through his boxes of goodies, and after much himming and haa-ing i selected the few items that i wanted.

this is the cute sign that is hanging right outside the shop.

this sign just pulled my heartstrings. so hand-made. so cute.

the proud shop owner in his shop. the bottom two photos show his products all set up and ready for sale. one box contains sweets, while the other contains the jokes. he is so proud of his shop, and the profit he has made from it already.

one happy customer who has almost finished off her bag of sweets. where she scrounged up the money is beyond my knowledge. the other photo is of my purchases. i purchased one cup with holes punctured in the bottom*, one large bag of dirt, one bag of butterscotch marshmallows, and one bag of butterscotch dipped pretzels. the total came to 50¢. very much worth it, wouldn't you agree?

now i've got you convinced, don't i? this cute little shop is located in Keegan's bedroom in Ramona and Jeff Johnson's house in Chassell, MI. stop in anytime to buy a handmade yooper souvenir. you won't regret it!

this age kids are so much fun. he is so sincere in this 'business' and is trying so hard to earn a bit of money. one day, keegan wants to be an inventor and so this is his practice. we just smile fondly and lovingly when he isn't looking, and give him encouraging and supportive smiles when he is looking. he highly dislikes being humiliated or put down and loves our support.

he truly is a boy though. what in the world would you do with fake snot!? or fake dirt!? only a boy would know what to do with it. and truthfully, i personally don't like butterscotch, but i had to buy something from him. i couldn't let him down. seriously, my mom said that he spent 2 - 3 hours alone making the dirt. what he did was color sheets of blank paper solid brown, and then cut them up in little tiny pieces. so you gotta give the kid some credit. he really is trying hard! anything works for him.


*the cup that has holes punctured in the bottom is a joke cup. you give it to someone, and when they pour their liquid into it, the liquid will seep out of the holes and drip all over the person using the cup.


-brenna says:
at: February 22, 2011 at 3:22 PM said...

this is so cute! I love it!! he's one creative fellow! :)

sturos2011 says:
at: February 23, 2011 at 5:35 PM said...

Your family is always fun to listen to. Keep the stories rolling!

at: February 23, 2011 at 9:44 PM said...

cute! maybe you guys should come to MN! i bet he would get some business!

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