Feb 15, 2011

one cold, blustery day.

last Thursday afternoon found us down in Houghton, walking around outside in probably the coldest temps the UP has seen this winter! what in the blazes were we doing!? we were walking around Michigan Tech campus looking at snow sculptures. (even though we live in da UP and are yoopers, it doesn't mean we're crazy like the rest of 'em). even though we live in a little town up here, we do have a university. and each winter it's tradition for the fraternity homes to build snow sculptures. they don't just build any old thing though, each year there is a set theme. this year it was something about 'thousands of pages unfold in the bitter cold'.

so after we got out of school, we headed off to look at these sculptures. me, camera in hand. the rest of my fam, well, i honestly don't know what they were doing. but we started milling around and here's me 'click! click! click!' and at this point i didn't realize the bitter coldness seeping into my gloves, jacket, etc.  then it was time to go check out the big ones. the ones that many many hours of work are put into! we crossed the cross walk and were walking directly into the wind. BRR! my ears just about froze off (you might as well know, i don't believe in wearing hats. i look like a dork in them.) the wind was cold. the temps were cold. both combined, it felt like plenty below zero. when we got to this 'amazing' statue, i realized i couldn't feel my finger tips! i snapped a few pictures, but after just a few, i couldn't do it anymore. so i passed my camera off to someone else, so if the pictures aren't superb, don't blame me! (JUST KIDDING MOM! I LOVE YOU! and you did a WONDERFUL job!)

these photos aren't in any particular order. they're just plopped together. one of my favorites from this day is the one above on the left. the teacup one. (note: check out the detail in ice. everything that they're able to do with snow and ice just amazes me. wowza!)

i think this is my favorite shot of the day. well of the sculptures that is.

we really didn't last long outside! it was such a biting wind and our faces and fingers just couldn't handle it! (see.. i think it's meant we live up in the UP. we don't usually get the super cold temps.) so we stepped inside my fathers work building to warm up for a minute, err, a little longer than a minute.

and since my downfall is black and white photos, here are a few! in fact, almost every photo i take (or rather edit.) is saved in color AND black and white. i just can't help it.. i love them both ways! (also note: there are a lot of pictures of seliina. i couldn't help that either. she is so easy to take pictures of.)

though the temps were so cold that it took my fingers forever to warm up, quality family time was spent, laughs were shared, and it was a good time! can't beat that, if i do say so myself. family outings are always enjoyed by all at this household! and somehow, they all bare with me and my camera, the inseparable duo. for that, i thank them. and i love them, and couldn't live without them! family is a special gift.



at: February 15, 2011 at 9:11 AM said...

I Love these pictures! i really like the picture of lani!!!

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