Feb 16, 2011
today was amazing. the temps were GORGEOUS! and when i say gorgeous, i mean it. it was so beautiful outside! today was 64 degrees!! being this, we went on a nice, lengthy walk and then i went outside with the younger kids and took pictures (yeah i know.. big surprise.)! felt wonderful! all week, temps have been upper 40s, and i've just been loving it. bring on spring! but it IS only mid-February.. sigh.

thought i would just share that with you, because its very unusual to have temps that high in the middle of February. anyway..

this past weekend we packed up and headed off to a waterpark/hotel in Duluth for Friday night. after a nice drive, (it actually wasn't half bad. the kids didn't do TOO much bickering in the back seat!) and many times being asked "when are we gonna get there?" we finally arrived. we checked in and headed off to our room to change into our suits.

the waterpark itself wasn't the greatest (for us older ones anyway. the little kids sure enjoyed it!). two waterslides, a lazy river, and then a bunch of stuff for younger kids. i'm thinking that they were gearing the waterpark towards younger kids. but the waterpark wasn't the part of the weekend that mattered anyway, it was the quality time spent with family! it was a good weekend full of laughs, talks, and an all around good time!

this munchkin was crabby on the way down, so she got some sucker. that is why she has such red lips!

couldn't you just squeeze her?

in the hotel room. the middle one is at night and the B&W photos are from morning. Aleta is looking down into the pool area..

we were probably the first ones in the waterpark! those kiddos just couldn't wait...

and another big bombardment of photos. enjoy looking. (if you can't tell, the kids had a bomb! they absolutely LOVED the waterpark.)

these first two photos in this next series are me. probably the first time you've seen me. someday, i'll introduce myself properly with pictures and such.

we went to The Edge in Duluth. i, personally, wouldn't recommend going there unless you only have younger children. but you don't know until you've tried it out!



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