Mar 8, 2011

dust, dirt, and flooring.

so it all started not this past weekend, but the weekend before. no, it actually started over a month ago. my great grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, so my grandma and grandpa went downstate (lower Michigan) to be with her during her surgery and recovery and everything. they left over a month ago and are still there today. 2 weekends ago, we decided to head up to their house for the night, then hang out with my dad's brother and his family the following day. and THAT is when they got this great idea.

allergies are carpet just don't mix. everything collects in the carpet and just yuck. not good. and my grandma and grandpa both have bad allergies and the carpet in their living room has been there for as long as I can remember, so we decided to pull it (rather my mom and dad did). so, when we were up there, my dad called up his brother (my uncle) and told him to come on over. let the carpet pulling party begin!! (note: my grandma and grandpa had no clue that we were doing this. it was all gonna be a surprise, but they know now.)

these first few were taken after the carpet was pulled. we were pulling all the staples from the floor. now im kinda kicking myself though. i should've taken a before picture and i never did!! but under the carpet it was full of sand and dust. yuck! we're so glad that we pulled it!

i love the two black and white ones in this batch. and that girl in the green shirt and black pants? thats me. yes, i really do other things than take and edit pictures, and write on my blog. im not THAT lazy!!

guess who was in the middle of it all? i love the fact that she is totally in the middle of everything. such a charmer! and doesn't the flooring look awesome? it's much better than the carpet they had.

and these are the brothers. these are the kids of the folks who own this house (which would be my grandma and grandpa). that second picture cracks me up! the living room looks much much better though. (that pic right above this gives you a good shot at what it looks like.)

these two pictures were taken this past weekend, and they're 'just because i can' pictures. that girl playing the DS happens to be my adorable cousin! 

whew. it feels good to have it all done and behind us now. even if my grandpa will act upset about it at first, he'll appreciate it in the long run!

funny story about this.. my dad calls up my grandma and asks her who put the carpet in, because they used a lot of nails. then he tells her not to tell my grandpa, but she can't help herself. she told him and they both became worried and suspicious, so we had to spill the beans. i think right now my grandpa is pretty worried about what we did to his house, but he'll get over it. guaranteed!


i think i hit backspace a million times while typing this. typing with a bum finger just doesn't fly.

oh.. AND i started this baby up a month ago! can't believe how fast time flies! thanks to EVERY single one of you who has supported me. even if its reading this blog, or dropping a comment, i feel it! the support helps and i love it!


sturos2011 says:
at: March 8, 2011 at 7:46 AM said...

haha! join the club (carpet pulling one that is)!! My mom had us pulling that stuff out of her RubyAnna's building a while back. Not overly hard, just long and tedious pulling staples and cleaning up.

at: March 8, 2011 at 8:18 AM said...

wow - looks amazing! :) Joleen

at: March 8, 2011 at 5:05 PM said...

wow Brianna you are really really good at taking picture!!
~Love Lanae~

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