Mar 7, 2011

one word: ouch!

i think that having all your guyses fingers crossed really helped. this weekend had some exciting adventures in store. (now that i think about it, i'm not sure if i said to keep your fingers crossed, but i meant to. its the thought that counts, right?)

actually, nothing ooberly exciting happened over the weekend, but this morning is a different story. in case you aren't my friend on facebook, here's the little tale. this morning everything was going how you expect a Monday morning to go. we hopped in the car and headed off to school, and when we got to school we hopped out (exciting, right?). the passenger door on our suburban is a little pig-headed and needs to be slammed really hard to make it shut all the way. so, being the good girl that i am, i proceeded to slam my door nice and hard. my fingers were at the edge of the door and, at the same time i shut my door, Leilani shut hers. yup, as you might've guessed, disaster struck. my finger got stuck in between the two doors and then i yanked it out. i probably shouldn't have! but since i did, a huge flap of skin tore up and the pain was probably the most severe pain i had ever felt.

i started bawling (and it takes a lot of pain for me to do that) and we headed off to ER thinking it was broken and possibly need stitches. neither took place, thank goodness. i probably couldn't have handled it. so now im just left with a very sore, bandaged finger. the worst part about it all? it's my picture-taking finger. it's a mandatory typing and writing finger. it's my right pointer finger.  (and if there is any typos, blame the finger!)

so that's my excitement for today. and since my finger is so bum and sore, i'll give it a rest for today. the weekend's adventure will appear tomorrow. i hope your luck today was better than mine!


oh.. im not forgetting about you. i promise that each time i post i'll share a photo. well ALMOST every post.

this one just shows how my day has gone. pretty dark and gloomy. one day i'll share the beautiful sunset that lies under this black and white cover. but for today...


at: March 8, 2011 at 5:10 PM said...

I really like this picture!!

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