Mar 11, 2011

just another Friday.

i'm still dreaming about days like the above. and i figured i would start off today with a picture and get you in a good mood before reading this today, because you might not be in such a mood when you're done reading this baby. 

boy am i glad it's Friday. (yeah yeah, i know. typical me. but seriously, who ISN'T ready for the end of the week?)  this week has been a very VERY bad week for me. my luck has just been down in the dumps and EVERYTHING is going against me it seems. here is my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week:

Monday -  i somehow managed to slam my finger in the suburban door, splitting it wide open. it's now finally starting to look a might bit better, though it still is seeping a bit of blood.
Tuesday - a trip to the dentist revealed i have one tiny cavity on tooth 23. i just made that up, i honestly have no clue which tooth it's on. but i can't understand how or why i have a cavity. i brush twice a day and floss once a day, but still I am the one that gets a cavity. WHY!?  then Leilani isn't as faithful about it and they tell her she does a nice job brushing and flossing. yeah, mhmm, right.
Wednesday - i managed to slam my already hurt finger in the door. again. (a house door this time. thank goodness nothing happened.)
Thursday - my blog won't link to facebook! it hasn't been for the last few days. not sure what the issue is.
Friday - nothing so far, so keep your fingers crossed. not sure what today holds though, and knowing how my luck has been, you just never know.

and on top of it all, i've been feeling like this (see picture below) for awhile. so tired and simply exhausted! and on top of THAT, it's time change this weekend. clocks get to spring ahead. groan. sorry folks for reminding you! i bet you are dreading it as much as I. (well the ones that need to spring their clocks anyway.)

while on the opposite note, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today! lots of snow melting, puddles everywhere, sun is shining warm, yumm! love days like today. and the weather for the next week is looking good with some days up in the 40s, can't beat that! and that means my camera was out again today. and tomorrow is going to be a busy one, so something else to photograph. AND we are headed to Minnesota in two weeks and i simply can't wait! there was one more thing i was going to say, but it slipped my mind. it'll come back to me later.

i will leave now. now before my luck gets even worse and this blog post won't post or something. have a good friday, and a good weekend!


p.s.  i remember what i was gonna say. a new lens is on its way!! i am so excited. it should get here soon. when it comes, there is bound to be lots of pictures. yeah, lots of 'em. so stay tuned! :)


Cousin Jess
at: March 12, 2011 at 2:55 PM said...

awesome!! (about the lens!)Which are you getting?
Sorry to hear about your bad week! :( Hope this weekend is better for you!
Fun that you are coming to MN!

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