Mar 14, 2011

moment of truth.

alright, this is a moment of truth for me AND you. i'll start off by properly introducing myself. i should have done this long ago, i know, so i apologize that it is so late.

my name is Brianna Joy Johnson. i am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. i am the oldest of 6 kids. i have 3 sisters (whom you have already met) and 2 brothers (whom you'll get to meet this week), and the most wonderful parents that anyone could have. my camera is like my third hand, a permanent fixture. i live in Chassell, MI and simply love it up here! the scenery is beautiful, we breath fresh air (no smog or anything), and on a clear (of if there are very few clouds) night we see far more stars than many of you. it is just pure nature and pure beaty up here. 

back to the point, i love every season; each season, there is something to do or like that no other season has. i prefer mornings over evenings. i like to take my time and not feel rushed.  i have straight, brown hair that, right now, is the longest it has ever been, and my eyes are brown too. (yeah, i'm one of those brown hair, brown-eyed wonders.) i love to shop, though most of my money goes towards my camera. my favorite store is probably Target and one store i wish i had money to buy clothes from is Under Amour. my favorite food is food that is grilled (grilled pork chops and hamburgers are my favorites, i think). i LOVE going on trips/vacations to Minnesota and visiting with relatives & friends. i don't know if i could live without facebook as it is my 'hang-out' spot. i love reading other blogs, i have about 13 that i follow and check every day. i love science. right now i am in 2 science classes, chemistry and biology II. my dream job is to be a photographer and a surgeon of some sort. 

a few things about ME. i have bubbly and outgoing personality (or i'm pretty sure i do!), i cherish even the smallest things in life.*  i am a true and honest friend. at confirmation i made many friends, and that is where and when i made my two best friends who have stuck by my side since. i honestly couldn't live without them! i hate when people are sitting on the outside and aren't included by others. i feel (and know) that it is my job to reach out and accept them, make them feel like they belong. i think i'm like this now, because at many times in my life I was the one sitting on the outside, I was the one left out, I was the one not accepted into a group, so i personally know how it feels. 

grudgingly i will show you a few photos of myself. the faster you look at them, the safer you'll be. trust me! the one on the left is a photo that they needed for the Voice of Zion and it was taken right before we headed to church one morning and THAT is why i look like i'm still half asleep (because i was). and the photo on the right is a picture of Aleta and i and is more recent than the other one. 

i do have one confession to make, though. there is one thing that troubles me about how i look, though. everyone thinks Leilani is older than I and that simply drives me insane! (i can't believe i just told you that. now you probably think i'm some crazy lunatic or something anyway!) it drives me crazy because I am the older one, not her. 

now this is where you come in. i figured since she looks older, something has got to be done, but what? my hair. it hangs there like limp spaghetti. no volume, no body, no nothing. so something has got to be done with my hair. YOU are going to help me decide what to do. i want to keep my hair the same length as it is because my goal is to grow it out. and right now it's the longest it has ever been. so here are a few options as to what i can do:

a) i perm my hair. it would be with the biggest curlers they got, because i don't want a super tight curl. i would want more of a wavy look.
b) no perm, but a new style. so in other words, i would get it cut, just not shorter.
c) leave it as it is and just bear with the ugliness.
d) other. if so, please state _________.  (note: remember that my hair must stay the same length.)

so let me know what you think. please! it will be greatly appreciated! and i hope that, after reading this, you know me a little better. 


*   here is my story on how i learned to appreciate life. when we moved to MI about 2 1/2 years ago, i was just pumped. i was living the prime life for a few months, but, being that there wasn't any young people at my church, i slowly began to become lonely. it became very hard to live up here at one point, i NEEDED someone to talk to, hang out with. or at least i thought i did, because i somehow managed to make it through , and last summer i went to confirmation and i spent 4/5 of my summer in Minnesota. while i was at both of those places, i learned many lessons about life and about my faith. upon returning home at the end of the summer, i realized how much i had taken for granted before and how little i had up here compared to others. for awhile, i felt sorry for myself, bad mistake, no, it was a TERRIBLE mistake. eventually i accepted the fact that i'm here for a reason, and THAT is when i started to appreciate even the smallest things in life (such as seeing and hanging out with friends, going to church with friends, doing church youth activities (like haps), family time)  and i honestly wish there was a way that i could make everyone else realize too. some people just don't realize how much a small message sent on the computer can mean, or even a quick phone call. 


Crystal Lee Photography says:
at: March 14, 2011 at 8:52 AM said...

You are such a neat person, I love your outlook on life, and I like you just how your are...your hair is cute like that, I have to straighten my hair every day to have it look like that.
My sister is 5 years younger and sometimes people would think she was older. I had/have a baby face, and I would always get crabby, cause I wanted to 'look' older. Well, now that I am older, I actually like appearing younger. make sense. Anyway, take it for what it is, eventually, you may not mind it so much when people think you are younger.
Hoping to see you next week, have a safe trip!

at: March 14, 2011 at 9:08 AM said...

Hi Bree....
Well I think you should try a perm with some tiny rollers. So you could get a curl like Harriet Tubman. (just like your fond 5th grade memories) No do a perm with big rollers or a haircut. Or really just leave it be. I am a lot of help!!! Denise

at: March 14, 2011 at 3:09 PM said...

cut it but you all ready have my imput....:D - you dearest sis

at: March 14, 2011 at 7:52 PM said...

Hey Bree!
I don't know what you should do with your hair. I think I LOVE your hair as it is, but, i kind of want you to get a perm. I have NO idea! Whatever you truely want. Just think about it. I know I am probably no help whatsoever, but, It's your choice...
With LoVe,
~Kyah Whit~

at: March 14, 2011 at 9:54 PM said...

B if you really want to change it! But you look cute just the way you are! I have heard that Janessa is really good at cutting hair! maybe when you are in MN... :) cousin jess. (lol dont know else how to sign my name:) )

jessica says:
at: March 15, 2011 at 11:25 AM said...

I would chop off an inch or so to freshen it up and maybe do a few layers. I like your bangs how they are, just get them blended in with the rest of your hair. :D

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