Mar 16, 2011

meet Galen.

today is the day that you get to meet the youngest of my two brothers. his name is Galen. he is 6 years old and is in Kindergarten. his eyes are the prettiest blue that i have ever seen, and does he let me take pictures of him ever? nope. he refuses every single time! once he even got himself all the way dressed up, came outside, then started running around.

anyway, back on track. about Galen. he has enough energy for our whole family combined! he goes all. day. long! and then when bedtime comes, he knows he is tired and ready to go to bed. he'll wander around the house shutting off all the lights, and THAT is our cue that bedtime has arrived. his latest thing is legos and Harry Potter. we have all 7 Harry Potter books, and he started with the first one and makes you read to him. you could read one page and he'd be satisfied and would sit and listen, or you could read the rest of the book and he would sit still and listen. (note: that is the only time that he sits still.) now he is on book 3(?) i think.

a quick break while i show a few photos of Galen on the one day he actually cooperated. can you believe it!?

although he is a rambunctious fellow at home, he does very well in school. one of the top readers in his class and he keeps himself under control, which surprises us all. we encourage him and give him praise, because we don't want him to cause troubles later in life. (i speak like i'm the mother, which im not. but bear with me, please!) another thing about Mr.Galen, is he refuses to wear jeans. and he highly dislikes dressing up. (which boy doesn't!?) i don't know what's up with kids these days, but out of all of us kids, Aleta and i are the only ones who wear jeans on a regular basis.

he likes playing anything related with electronics. he could spend hours on the computer if we would let him. it used to be games on the internet, but now it's the good old games like putt-putt, pajama sam, freddy fish, all those good games that even i played back in the day. (hah! i'm only 15, but still.)

so all-in-all, he is quite a trouble maker, but i couldn't live without him. i love him to pieces! he has those moments where he is just an angel, those moments where you think, and THAT is why i put up with all his naughty moments!  


p.s. lens didn't come yesterday! kind of bummed. hopefully today. keep your fingers crossed please!!  and for those who are wondering which lens im getting, i'm getting the 50mm f1.8    and im super excited! :)


jessica says:
at: March 15, 2011 at 7:44 PM said...

oh yeah, you'll like that lens waaaay more than the kit lens. that was the first lens I purchased- in fact I never even used the kit lens LOL. now I really want the 50mm 1.4. sigh, some day.

Crystal Lee Photography says:
at: March 16, 2011 at 9:18 AM said...

he sounds a lot like my 6 year jeans, computer all day, perfect in school (outta control at home), not a fan of the camera...

Ramona Johnson says:
at: March 16, 2011 at 12:04 PM said...

You got that right Crystal. (I bribed him to wear jeans for the pictures taken above.) Brianna will be happy to know her lens is supposed to be at the post office right now. I will pick it up this afternoon when I go pick them up from school!

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