Mar 17, 2011

i'm in love.

yesterday, i fell in love. true love. like i-could-marry-you love. you wanna know his name? 50mm 1.8!
you remember that lens i've been telling you about, well this is he. he arrived last evening and is serving his purpose as my soul mate perfectly. just like he's supposed to!

alright. i'll snap out of it now and enter the real world. this new lens is so much better than the kit lens. its not, by all means, the best lens out there and it's definitely not top quality either, but it serves the purpose that i need it to superbly. today i'm not going to give you a full blown gallery of the pictures i took yesterday, because i spent most of last evening editing pictures the pictures so i had to quickly throw together a few to share, so instead, today i will just leave you with a few teaser photos as to what is coming soon. (note: watch on facebook. they probably will appear there before they appear on here.)

they seem to be a little blurry which they aren't if you look at them on the computer. wonder what the problem is?

now you're are probably sick of these pink polka-dotted rubber boots. well expect them again tomorrow, WITH some more pictures. i PROMISE they aren't all boot pictures because, honestly, that would get old. yeah, it would get old. fast!



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love the boots! -- Marlys

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