May 11, 2011

Alex | {Children}

as i promised, i will share with you sessions i have not yet shared and get this thing rolling again. but first the tale of the week.

night before last, a huge thunderstorm tore across the UP, dumping buckets of rain and leaving over 55,000 people out of power across the whole UP. we were out of power from the middle of the night until about 2:15 in the afternoon. and this meant that all places were out of power, including the school. and you can guess what's coming next, right? yes! school was canceled! first cancellation of the whole year, and it wasn't even for a snow day! all year long i wished for a snow day,  hoped for one, PRAYED for one even. and then yesterday as my mom was bringing us to drop us off at school, i joked that the school was going to be closed, as i just assumed there would be generators. and it ended up being real. i was stunned! it was honestly a dream come true!

but anyway. meet Alex. he is 10 years old and is a very good friend of my brothers. he also happens to be my dear cousin. and what a gem to take photos of! Alex, my brother, and I walked around downtown finding places to snap pictures and when i found a spot i liked, he cooperated without any fuss. if only my brothers were as cooperative as Alex.. sigh!

last one is one of my favorites. after doing these pictures, i was in love with red. :)

have a rip-roarin' Wednesday! (where i pulled that one out of, i do not know.)


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