May 10, 2011


whew. it seems as though it's been touch and go on this blog these days. what happened to my diligence? i promise to try get better about it..

lately i've just been everywhere and then some. not that i've ever left the house, just been busy doing other stuff such as enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having by going outside with the kiddos, plugging away on the endless amount of photos (i don't mind this part one single bit, though!), doing homework, and just getting stuff done around the house.

i promise that i'll share our vacation with you soon. and the rest of Seliina's one year shoot. AND some other sessions. i PROMISE! at least two of those (and two sessions count too) will make their appearance this week. :)

so for today, i'll just leave you with a photo from a session. one that you've never seen.

have a good one!


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