Jul 28, 2011

Copper Harbor part II

so, the second half of our Copper Harbor trip definitely is not as exciting as the first half. after the hike, we met up with our friends, and headed over to Fort Wilkins. i've been there many times in my life, and yet i enjoy it just as much every time we go there. maybe it's because, yes, i do enjoy learning. or maybe because it shows of life before i was born. or maybe it's because it shows who has lived here before we do now. whatever it is, it always is interesting to go back. and read, and reread the things.

Fort Wilkins is a restored military outpost from the mid 1800s. you get a glimpse into the pain and hardship of the past, and learn to be even more thankful and grateful for the technology and such that we have nowadays. (though i would love to go back to the mid to late 1800s!) sometimes during the summer, they will have employees dressed up as people from this era. and on Saturday, they did, though i only got a few photos of them which didn't exactly turn out.

oh well. enjoy these photos. :)  ooh.. i'll just mention that Seliina was my charge. so i was chasing her around, and that also means that most of the photos are of her. :)

LOVE shots like this! totally and completely unplanned!

then, after Fort Wilkins we headed to a lighthouse lookout point where we set up the grill and ate some delicious food. i didn't do much photographing here, because it was COLD! temps around 60 degrees and windy. and i was wearing capris and a sweatshirt and was pretty chilled. (wind right of lake superior, mind you.) so i didn't take many photos here. should've taken more, but my mission was to try stay warm.

Miss Seliina was hungry as they were firing the grill. so she got some raw corn to chow on. :)

can you spot my two brothers?

and there ends our very exciting day in Copper Harbor. when we left, i had such a stomach ache from eating way too much food, that i zonked out and slept until i had phone service again.

did i forget to mention that the hardest part of the whole day was this, that Copper Harbor had absolutely ZERO phone service? it was probably a good thing, because i needed to just spend the day with just the family. not so often does that happen! but it also made me realize how much i rely on my phone when i'm at home with no one around. whether that's a good thing, or a bad thing, i do not know.

this week is almost over! i can't believe it!


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She is so cute!

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