Jul 14, 2011

yup. i've decided.

that summer is hectic! and i'm so sorry that i've been so absent on this blog. i've hardly been home this summer, which makes it hard to keep this blog up to date, and yeah. so much has happened this summer, and you've hardly gotten a taste of it!

while in Minnesota, i had quite a few sessions. and i had many adventures, to say the least. holy cow do i have stuff to share! but what if i make my way back to Minnesota for a few weeks? would you even miss me? :)

this photos session was a fun one. and what adorable kids! this is just a little preview, a little sneak at the session. the rest of the session can be found here!

for this session, we headed to their great uncle's farm. what a fun place for pictures! endless photo spots, and perfect ones at that. something very special about these kids, is they are from Finland. and let me tell you, they are adorable! especially when they speak Finnish!

and this girl here, had eyes to die for! she was a natural in front of the camera. yumm!:)

i have so much catching up to do, and plan on getting a few more sessions out on facebook this evening. so keep your eyes peeled!

i'll be here tomorrow, too. promise!


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