Jul 15, 2011

why oh why...

do i seem to be such a boring blogger?

so much has happened in my life, and yet i can't even think of one single thing to share. it's friday! is that exciting? i'm not even sure. during the summer, the days all blend together and it all comes together and becomes one beautiful, fun summer!

wow. what have i even done this summer? obviously not been writing enough on this blog. but.. oh! i have an idea! want to hear that camping story i promised you? do you? well i'm sharing it anyway. :)

so it started out there were a few of us friends, and we (well rather just one of us, and i can't take the credit) thought up this camping idea. sounded fun! so what in the world were we sitting around for? let's do it! we jumped into action! we decided that the upcoming weekend would work mighty fine for a camping trip. leave on a friday and come home on a Saturday? sounded perfect-o!

so we got our undies in a bundle, pulled it all together, and had a camping site in mind. then, come Friday, the clouds decided to open their arms and give us a bit of rain. did that stop us? nope. but then came another little stumper, we had to find another place to camp. after much brainstorming and mindchanging, we decided to camp on a little island out in the middle of a lake. it's sounding like an adventure already, right? :) so we packed up, shopped for a bit of food, and were set to go. as we were leaving, the guys decided we NEEDED diesel fuel, though my sister and i refused.

so, my friend's brother and his friend kindly loaded up a row boat (yes, you read right, a ROW boat.) and we piled i the truck and headed off to the lake. we got dropped off, the guys hauled the boat out, and we were on our own! we weren't expecting what was thrown at us. wowza! the boat was loaded and we started on our journey. little did we know, that some spots the weeds were so thick, that the boat couldn't even fit through them. so 2 of the girls (i'll be honest, i didn't volunteer myself for this job.) hopped out, INTO the weeds, and started pushing. ISH!

after we made it through the weeds (must've taken us at least 30 mins, if not more!) we were on the lake ridin' towards the island. but the wind was coming against us, making it just that much harder. so, we kept drifting towards shore (as we headed towards the island), and my friend decided to jump overboard and help keep the boat on track. (take note: i have been paddling this whole time.)

we finally are nearing the islands, wait, ISLANDS!? yup. there were four of them. so now what? which one do we go to? good thing my dear sister had a brain and remembered which one we were supposed to be going to. so, we paddled some more, then we came to the island, hoping it was the right one! we couldn't find the landing spot, so we just pulled up on the shore of this island, and hopped out. each of us (there were 4) grabbed an armload of stuff, and started walking up the hill. the only problem? the hill was solid poison ivy!!

have i lost you yet?

on this island, there was a little cabin. but when we got there, we realized how un-cabin-like it actually was. it grossed us out, and we decided that we are NOT going to sleep in it. so, we set up camp under the stars. first time i had ever done this in my life! and i loved it! and so, here we are at camp, it's drizzling a little bit, which means that everything is wet. but we had another dilemma, we had no idea where the boat was. so my sister and i set out on a trek to go find this thing. and after walking through much poison ivy and burning itch weed, we found it and rowed it to the landing dock spot thing that we finally found!

so now here's where the impressive part begins. my sister, my beautiful amazing sister, started out campfire with matches, a bit of newspaper, and WET WOOD! she (i can't take credit here either) refused to use diesel fuel, so she started that baby up without any. (the guys still don't believe that it happened. but it really did!)

anyway. it was an adventure!! was so much fun, and i would definitely do it again. those kind things are what keep you on your toes and keep the summer alive! what kind adventures have you had??

whew. hope i didn't lose you there! was exciting, and fun, and yup. that's about it!

on a separate note, i've shared 2 more sessions on facebook if you're interested in looking.
and here's one of my favorites from one of the sessions i shared!

have a great weekend!


myvon says:
at: July 15, 2011 at 5:44 PM said...

sounds like quite the adventure you had.... not sure I would have done it :-). Marlys

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