Dec 13, 2011


okay. so if you haven't noticed, i'm not particularly the best at getting a post done on Monday's. sooo.. i've decided i'm going to start sharing quotes that day. quotes are amazing. i could drown myself in them! when i have free time at school, it's spent looking up quotes on my iPad. (i know, i know. time probably not spent the wisest..)

for me, quotes speak right to the heart. they are so dang true! i have pages of them on my iPad. and photos upon photos of them on there, as well.

i think i'll share one that i find on the internet, and one of my own.

here's one from the internet. is it not completely and utterly true!? i know that I need to count MY blessings more often, that's for sure.

and then one of my own. this isn't one of my favorites, but it fit the photo. so i used it. it still is a true quote, though! friends are a precious gift in life. cherish them, and, as this quote says, protect yourself with them.

have a great week!


at: December 15, 2011 at 3:05 PM said...

I love quotes as well! Some of them seem to speak right to your heart. Especially when you're going through a rough time!

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