Dec 16, 2011

Natalie | {friends}

this day, was simply amazing. i needed my school photos taken, because many friends have wanted them, and i am so critical of how i look in pictures and when i see something in my head, i stubbornly am not satisfied until i get something similar. and obviously i can't take photos of myself, so i try explain to my mom or sister how i want the photo taken but it just never comes out quite as i imagine. so what better way to get them done than to get together with a photographer friend, give her some practice, catch up on lost time, and obviously take a few photos myself?

first i have to say a few things about photographer friends. ever since starting my own business, i have met many precious people in my life. we have one main thing in common, our love for photography. most often they've been followers of me, wondering what equipment i use, etc. but that is only just the beginning of each of these relationships. they become near and dear, most often, and become people you can rely on. people who most often understand you. when starting into photography, i never would have imagined that not only does it produce enjoyment, a source of learning, amazing clients, endless hours doing the things you love, but it produces friendships. many friendships.

i want you to meet one of my photographer friends. one that has a little bit of a different story than the rest.

this, is Natalie. i first met her in the 6th grade, where we became fast friends. we lived just a couple miles away from each other, and did a lot together. then i moved to Arizona for a year and a half, during which we kept in touch and stayed close, and then we moved back up here again. when i started school again, the old friendship we had, didn't seem to be there anymore. i had changed, she had changed, it wasn't as we expected. then, upon learning we both had an interest in cameras/photography, that old friendship ignited again, it was restored. and we've been good friends since!

we've laughed together, have spent endless time talking, we've related to one another, and we've talked photography, A LOT. we've given pointers, and helped each other learn. we got cameras around the same time, just so much happened to bind us together. then i took a big step forward, a step into a new world, my own business. i felt confident enough, i felt like i could do it. i DID do it. i was in this new world for a bit of time before Natalie took the step and joined me.

and since her and i are now on the same page in life, this gives even more to talk about. the challenges we face, the struggles, the joys, the annoyances, the moments, we are able to relate. i will say i have a bit more experience on her, so i feel pretty special when i'm able to offer advice that helped me pull through, but for the most part, our photography lives are so similar. it's nice to have someone next to your side on this journey, so you aren't going through it alone.

Natalie is an amazing person with a huge heart. she is friendly and bubbly, and just seems to have love for every single person she meets. there isn't a thing about her that anyone couldn't like! her beautiful hair and a smile that lights up her face are the icing on the cake. seriously!

you can view her work HERE!!

now for the photos. i've broken them up into two parts so it's not photo overload on one day!

isn't she gorgeous!?
watch for the rest of the photos coming up!!

have an amazing weekend!

ps.. remember to go look at her work over HERE!!!!


Tyger says:
at: December 16, 2011 at 6:17 AM said...

gonna quick comment before I forget ;=) Thanks for sharing again! Love to see your work, and am always curious on others too!

at: December 16, 2011 at 7:29 PM said...

Cute pictures and story, I love it! :) -Gina

at: December 17, 2011 at 8:39 AM said...

Love it!! Denise

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