Jan 19, 2012

thank you.

dear Vienna Glenn,

thank you with all my heart for featuring me on your blog. i have been following you since before i started my own business, since before i got my camera, even. you have always been an inspiration of mine! so for you to feature ME, a small 16 year old photographer that has less than one year of photography under my belt, on YOUR blog, is a true honor. i'll be completely honest with you, it has boosted my confidence immensely! sometimes when i wonder if photography is really the thing for me, really my calling, it's these moments that tell me it really truly is. so i thank you so much!



dear blog readers,

i also feel that it is definitely very past due time to thank you, as well. thank you for reading my blog everyday! even though i might not be diligent about writing on here every single day, you don't give up on me and wait for my return. and that alone is worth all the hours i've spent writing to you guys. sometimes i feel that i just ramble on or sometimes i feel that i am just plain 'ol boring to listen to, but your blog comments assure me that you haven't abandoned me completely, yet. so that gives me the want and need to write to you guys, time and time again. i also would like to thank you for all your support. your supporting words and actions have caught me when i've been stumbling downwards, or when i am going through stressful times. but most of all, i would like to thank you for believing in me. if you didn't believe in me, i would've given up on myself. even if i would have had the passion for photography, and i could feel it within me, i wouldn't believe that it was really there. so during the times where i doubted myself, you guys still believed in me and what i was doing. and so for everything you have done, i couldn't thank you enough! THANK YOU with every fiber of my being. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


PS.. my featured blog post can be found right here.


and i'm going to end this friday with a photoshop themed post.

i know this photo is from may 2011, but it still remains one of my personal favorites. and now that i have picked up many new photoshop techniques and skills, i wanted to re-edit it and see the difference from then and now.

this is the original:

and this is my photoshopped version. very subtle difference! my goal is to keep the photo looking realistic and appealing to the eye. keeping the skin tone natural is one of the biggest things to a successful photo in my personal opinion.

and now here is how i photoshopped it last this year, which is disgusting. way too much contrast!! ISH! i definitely prefer my recent edit. that's for SURE!

and now i have a few more things to say before bidding you farewell today...

1. we are leaving to MN TOMORROW. we are moving up north (menahga/park rapids area) for about a month, until the end of February, and then after that we are headed down to Rochester. so if it seems i'm lost, search those two places first! and i'll be doing internet school, so don't bother checking the school.:)

2. i will only have limited internet access, so i'll squeeze in a blog post whenever i can. i promise! it might be only a couple times a week. but don't give up hope. i'll be back for good before you know it!

so for now. i bid you farewell and thank you one more time for everything you have done!
i will talk to you as soon as i can!


PS.. i have put together a website for my business. i would greatly appreciate it if you would head on over there, check it out, and tell me what you HONESTLY think about it! changes that need to be made, etc!! you can find it HERE!!!


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Good luck with your moving!

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