Feb 14, 2012

confession session.

today, my dear blog readers, will be a confession session. a confession session on my part. but before i dive into all that, i'll tell you what's been going on in my life these days.

so once i left Michigan(3.5 weeks ago, already!), i headed to northern MN where i lived with my uncle and his two kiddos. when i was there, i had the house to myself for 8 or 9 hours each day, so it got awfully quiet and maybe some of my days got a little bit long, but i really didn't mind it! i would most definitely rather stay up in the country where it's quiet and peaceful and REAL than in the city where it's always a hustle and bustle! and being alone helped me conquer some fears, i will admit that. which is a good thing for me. because sometimes i worry that i let my fears possess too much of me at times. along with that, i had many good times. hung out with friends, read many books, played cards, you name it. even got many amazing hours of wheeling in! then.. i started school.

school. not sure what i think of it right now. internet school is so much different than public school, i'll just start by saying that. when i first started, i had 1.5 weeks of schooling to catch up on. so the first few days were some extremely intense hours of school work. i worked my butt off, and sad to say, i still am not completely caught up. though i ALMOST am.. and it feels wonderful! but id say that internet school is a bit more stressful on me, because sometimes i will jump over something very small, and i don't diligently take notes on every little thing like i would in school, so i feel like i'm not retaining as much information as i do in public school. but then i have to look at the flip side, it's only half a year then off to college i go! so i can tough out this half a year, right? it does feel good to work my brain though. that's one thing that i don't mind doing.

then, last Thursday my mom came and got me and brought me down to the twin cities area where we stayed until Sunday and now we are back in Michigan, packing up all of our stuff so movers can come and haul it to our new house in Rochester. our amazing house that i simply cannot wait to share with you!:)

and in all this time that i've been gone from Michigan, i have become closer to a dear friend of mine as well as make another amazing friend. really, friends are so amazingly incredible! for me, they are an essential in this big long journey that i call 'life'. just stop and think for a minute.. how many people out there are people that you would trust with your life? for me, there are only a very select few. and these few are held very near and dear to my heart. i must admit, my standards are high. but i give everyone a chance. trust is very important in any relationship, it's the backbone i'd say. so to find just the most amazing friends, i really feel blessed. friends are truly a blessing, a gift from God.

whew. that was a mouthful to type. makes me sound a bajillion times busier than i really felt! now for a few confessions..

i confess that my picture a day project flopped. terribly! i kept up on it almost through the end of january. but then when i was alone so much, i started getting bored of trying to scrounge stuff to photograph.. so slowly it failed. i mean, the kiddos did come home each evening, but by that time it was terribly dark and other stuff had to get done. (yeah, i know. excuses, excuses!)

i also must confess that i am very ready to get into our own place. the kindness from everyone, and the fellowship with family and friends has been amazing, but nothing is ever quite the same as living in your own home with your own family, right?

i also confess that i didn't take the time to write on here like i should've. many days i had MANY hours to myself, but what did i do? read books, dink around on the computer, everything but write on here. like really!? where was my head!?

i had other stuff to say but i don't remember what it was. so i'll leave it here for now until i remember.

but guess what!? i still am alive. and i'll keep updating you on my whereabouts on facebook, and i'll be here soon to share some of our new house.:)

what's new with you? please share!



Dan and Rita says:
at: February 15, 2012 at 12:41 PM said...

You are the greatest! Study hard and like you said, this school year really is almost over! By the time you are "settled" in your new house, the sun will be shining and the outdoors will be calling!! (Then try and study) lol We are getting excited for you guys to close on your house too! It will be nice for you all to be together again!

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