Mar 8, 2012


i can't help but notice how popular DSLR's have become these days. everyone and their brother, er sister more like it, has one. have you noticed this too? makes me question why they got the camera, to be honest.

did they get the camera because they actually wanted it? and want to learn how to properly use the camera and all its settings? learn it inside out and backwards? or was it that they just couldn't fathom the thought of their best bud having a bigger and better camera than they?

are many of these cameras being purchased because the person buying it really has the calling, the passion for photography? or do they just think that when a big camera, a DSLR, is placed in their hands or is in their possession that they are now a photographer and they'll be successful?

what is each person's motive behind this big purchase? in truth, was it really worth the dollars they spent on it?

when i purchased my camera, it was because i wanted it. i wanted it bad! i had (and still have, of course) a passion for photography. it was something i loved to do, it was my little world to escape to. photography is something that has my name written all over it. i could see that then, i can see it now, and that's why i got my camera. i was proud of  what i could produce with my camera, and when i was getting my camera, i knew how much potential was in that big black machine. and i wanted it for that extra goodness that a point and shoot just doesn't have.

i also knew that, upon getting my camera, there was going to be lots to learn. but i WANTED to learn it. i got my camera with the intent of learning it! i wanted to take the challenge head-on, because i knew that if i put forth all my effort, i would achieve better photos and a much happier photographer herself. but i also knew that the by taking my camera out of the box and holding this big, black, expensive machine in my own two hands it wasn't making me a professional photographer. no way! not by any means! in fact, when i first used my camera, i had no idea what i was doing with it. i used it EXACTLY LIKE A POINT AND SHOOT. i used it on Auto (the little green square). and you know what? my picture quality was of equivalence of a little point and shoot as well.

so this craze of everyone needing to have a DSLR right now is kind of driving me crazy, to be honest with you. having a big camera shouldn't be the 'in' thing. you should have a camera because you want one, because you have the passion for one and the patience to learn it!

just because you now have a big camera, that doesn't all of a sudden make you a photographer. absolutely not! and that's mistaken by many. true, my photos hopefully look somewhat professional, but i WORKED my way there. i worked my way towards accomplishing what i have so far, and i continue to learn more and get better. i didn't just land where i am today all because of my camera.

so all in all, one of the main things people don't realize about photos/photography, is this: it is the USER of the camera that makes a great photo, not the camera. don't get me wrong, the camera does help! but the photographer is getting the settings correct on the camera as well as composing and taking the photo.

so just remember, getting a big camera does NOT make you an automatic photographer that is able to take amazing photos!

just think about this for a moment. or two. or three.

and i won't leave without a photo!


PS.. sorry i went crazy, but this was beginning to get under my skin. so i figured it's time to vent it out. and just FYI, there will be more to come!


Natalie Carolyn says:
at: March 8, 2012 at 8:31 PM said...

o my goodness bree!! i'm so glad that i am not the only one who feels that way.

Couldn't have said it better!

As you said when i too got my camera it ws because i really wanted one and wanted to have more freedom than a point and shoot!!!

I think that the longer you have your camera the more you realize that it really does have a lot to do with the person behind the camera and not as much to do with the camera!

very well said... im glad i got my camera before this crazy craze started!!!

by the way, the lighting in that picture is BEAUTIFUL i love it !!! and of course i love the picture itself too!

at: March 8, 2012 at 10:08 PM said...

I agree with you! I think if people are going to only use Automatic on their big cameras, they might as well just stick with the point and shoot. The pictures look will look the same anyways. I just wish I had more time to play around with my camera. It's taking a while to learn new things but I'm trying! I've always wanted a big camera to improve the quality of my pictures and to learn how to use one. :)

Tyger says:
at: March 9, 2012 at 12:35 AM said...

Agreed. It is funny that I was just having a conversation with somebody even here in Finland about this. The camera is just a tool. It is kind of like buying a supercomputer to play video games or surf the web. It makes the experience better, certainly, but it doesn't make you any better at RailRoad Tycoon or Age of Empires, nor will it teach you how to delete your cookies.

I do find it annoying, especially when total beginners start off with a huge camera and have no idea how to operate it. But on the other hand... I think that you can buy what you want. If you have the money, or your parents do, by all means, go for it, buy the biggest and the best. There are plenty of cameras to go around. But dont act like it makes you any better of a photographer, for a more expensive camera. Its like saying you are better at drawing because you have a Ticonderoga pencil, over my cheapy.

Overall, I think its great that you are getting the news out there, especially if people are going to waste money otherwise, but personally, (I find great interest in this: think of all the used cameras on the market that will be rarely used!) it's part of life. There will always be the want-to-be's and you just have to ignore them. You can't get rid of them, so you might as well live with them. Their ignorance of the tool they hold tells you how much you know.

at: March 9, 2012 at 7:58 AM said...

I'm not offended by this post! My first DSL was an old film camera that i got in 11th grade and i seriously had no idea what a 'setting' even was! And the problem was you coundnt see the picture untill you got it developed! The first film i got developed i think only 10 of the 24 pics turned out! I got my digital DSL about a week before my wedding because the only camera i had was the film one... and I have always loved photography (although im not as talented as you :) ). THats why my great grandma had initially given me my great grandpas camera. Its funny because since i was so busy with wedding preparation i didnt have time to figure out settings in that week so we used in on auto all week for our honey moon.. once we got back i slooooowly started to learn more about settings etc. It has taken me forever because first of all i had no quickly available subjects for 1 year! but since elsa has been born its been really fun to learn my cam! And also as soon as my little 'subject' came along our comp with photoshop crashed so i have been without that forevvver! So the pics i take now i cant even touch them up at all :) oh well! Its been fun to learn. ~jess

Dan and Rita says:
at: March 9, 2012 at 8:34 AM said...

I agree! I would love to have a DSLR but not at this point of my life. I have no time and energy to learn it. Right now the camera I really, really want will fit in my pocket so I don't have an excuse for leaving it at home!! I really do think that some people think that it is the camera that takes better pictures, of course the camera does, but if you don't know how to take great pictures, you won't get any better results with a DSLR. I had a SLR back in film day and loved it!

at: March 9, 2012 at 11:48 AM said...

I agree also... ! I just bought a DSLR, but that is because i really wanted to learn how to use it, I have not used auto once since i got it,learning manual is hard, but so worth it! because that would defeat the pupose of buying one! Some people don't even know what model their camera is, and never once take it off of auto which is their choice i guess, but it relly doesn't make any better pictuers than point&Shoot! I love the frost on the branches in this picture!

at: March 9, 2012 at 3:23 PM said...

hahahahahaha! i just realized i was writing dsl like our internet! i will just blame it on that elsa was 'sitting' on my lap :)

at: March 9, 2012 at 10:11 PM said...

I think it's good if people buy DSLR cameras. As someone already mentioned, there will be more used cameras out there. Camera companies will also have a reason to produce a cheaper range of products (lenses, cameras) if they know there is a large number of people who will buy them. I do not think that you need to be good at photography in order to be able to use a DSLR.
If someone wants to use one but they don't know how, it is 110% fine. It is just a camera. I think I will retire for the night, so I will wrap this up.

at: March 15, 2012 at 7:36 PM said... a person something to think about...

KatieHeikks says:
at: March 25, 2012 at 7:22 PM said...

Thank YOU! I agree with you. Your post reminded me of this:

"A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said 'I love your pictures - they're wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.' He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: 'That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove." - Sam Haskins -

Your pictures are awesome, keep it up!

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