Mar 2, 2012

Justin & Megan {just because}

one word to describe this session: cold! and this smarty-pants here didn't bring gloves either, which is super smart i tell ya. so smart that i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. if you're going on a shoot in winter, bring gloves. or mittens. or some sort of protection for your hands. 

but Megan and Justin are such an adorable couple! she being very bubbly and outgoing, he being more of the quiet type. :)

now i'll let the photos tell the rest.

my personal favorite from this session.
i really liked these shots too, though. so another favorite.:)

 and there you have it. felt so good to be out shooting and then editing again.:)


PS.. have a great weekend!


Natalie Carolyn says:
at: March 2, 2012 at 8:22 PM said...

Great job bree!! keep up the good work! :)
i'm jealous i can't wait to get out shooting again!!!

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