Apr 5, 2012

just thinking.

i'm just thinking. i do a lot of it, actually.

i'm just thinking about the summer of 2012 at the moment.

my summer is going to be busy beyond belief. i am going to be manning 2 jobs (creating subs and taking photos). not only that, there are other things going on this summer as well. preparing for college, attending very large church services, and second shooting at a few weddings are just a few to name. so here i am again, thinking. thinking about life, about my summer, and mainly about time.

the story: this past weekend i had a session. an amazing session. a session that confirmed a thought/feeling/idea that i had. it confirmed something that defines ME. i have decided i will only shoot at a certain time of day in a certain physical setting.

you see, this session i had was done in the late afternoon, early evening. the sun was hanging low in the sky and the lighting was just gorgeous. and it was then that it was apparent where my passion and talent lie. and i realized that is really truly where my heart is. so from now on, i am going to do my sessions only at that golden hour. that magic hour. the hour where the lighting is just so beautiful, enchanting, captivating. that really is where my heart lies.

and i'll be honest here. i really do not like shooting in a city setting. where there is people everywhere, tall modern buildings looming on either side of you, and concrete everywhere. that's just not me. so from now on, i will only shoot in a nature setting. fields are my passion. but i am fine with shooting in the trees, or anywhere natural as a matter of fact. that is where i am able to just let my heart and talent fly free.

i will make a single exception for the city setting though. if the part of town is rundown and not full of hustle and bustle, i am fine with that. that will work, too.

anyway. about my summer of 2012. here's the scoop.

i will only be taking a limited amount of sessions this summer. meaning that there will only be a certain number of sessions per month.

i'm not sure how many per month yet.. thinking maybe around 7 sessions a month. but maybe even less. i'm not 100% sure yet. so in truth, i really would consider booking soon if you are considering using Simply Bree.

but remember, the photos will be shot only during that golden hour in a natural setting. that is ME.

i will try be around more. i promise. no guarantees!

but i figured it's high time i get this word out. because summer will be here before we know it!

and of course i can't leave without a photo. this is from a session i had from a couple weeks ago. check out them gorgeous blue eyes. <3



at: April 24, 2012 at 8:15 PM said...

okay so i read this blog like the day that you posted it and at first i thought good for you! picking something that describes you and stuff. but then for some reason within the last weeks my mind kept wandering back to what you had said in this blog about only taking pictures during the certain time of day and only in certain settings and i kept thinking of course everyone has a favorite part of thier job, in your case a certain time and area, but the only way to expand your talent that God has given you would be to take pictures in areas that you don't particularlly like and at different times of days. It takes practice to achieve anything good in life and it takes time with repeated trail. Maybe to start you could just look at buildings and stuctures in a different perspective, not saying while you are behind the camera but perhaps next time your in a city look carefully for things that could make things interesting and possible to capture on camera that expands not only your way of seeing it but also when people look at your pictures they can think, whoa this is really cool. thats an awesome perspective of that. as said by the wise, try, try, try agian. Not saying you have too but just trying to suggest! <3

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