Oct 15, 2012


i am very happy. i'm feeling on top of the world! i should've started saying 'no' much sooner. i knew my limit and i should've stuck to that! and it feels so good to finally have done it.

so SO much stress is gone. i'm been able to find the perfect balance for everything! editing (which i'm almost completely caught up on, btw!), schoolwork, family, sleep, just everything it seems. it's amazing! i've learned my lesson the hard way, but i'm vowing not to return back to my old ways. i'm going to try my hardest to keep this balance!

and so now that i'm more stress free, i'm hoping to truly start blogging more. i always say this, i know, but now i'm on a mission to start posting my sessions on here as well as on facebook. so maybe this'll keep me motivated.:)

onto the session.
i asked these two beautiful girls to model for me, and they said yes! i was so pumped! i'll admit, i was veryyy nervous headed to this session just for the fact that they're popular and outgoing and so pretty, and here's little 'ol me. pretty plain and boring, and i'm kind of shy until you get to know me. i'm verrrry self conscious! anyway.. these girls are so tight-knit, so close, i LOVE it! they truly have something special. they have the kind friendship we all wish to have.. i'll let the photos say the rest!

(one last quick note.. this was the first session i edited with lightroom. ever. so i was still learning the ropes..!) AND these are out of order as well.. oh well!

SO them:D


and more can be seen on my facebook page!!:)



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