Oct 4, 2012

right now..

so lately i've been feeling it. i've been feeling a little bit of a crunch.

here's my problem. i do *not* know how to say 'no.' i am the absolute worst! for me, its such an honor when people want me to photograph them. like for real.. how can i turn them down? i LOVE what i do. every part of it. anticipating the session, emailing/chatting with my clients before hand, taking the actual photos and meeting my amazing clients, chimping over the photos, putting them on the computer as soon as i get home, having to edit one or two of them and sharing them on facebook before getting back to the session that was in order for editing, then the actual editing of the session. i love EVERY.SINGLE.BIT!

right now, i am very behind on editing. behind 6 or 7 sessions. it's terrible! its very difficult to keep up with everything. i'm a full time college student (17 credits!), along with going to school, studying, spending some time with family, i don't have tons of time left for editing, to be completely honest. and my boyfriend lives 8 hours away. i definitely need time to see him, and when i'm so busy, it's very hard to find that time, even!

first and foremost i want to apologize to all my clients waiting for their photos and photo orders. i feel terrible that it has taken me so so long. i have 5 or so sessions edited waiting to get burned onto a disc and sent out to my clients' waiting hands, but it hasn't happened yet. and i apologize.

i also have decided that as of right now, i am *not* going to take any more sessions for a little while. i wish so bad that there were more hours in a day, that i wasn't so busy, because it hurts me to say this. if you're already booked, your place is secure. or if you've contacted me not sure if we're for sure going to do a photo session but you're interested, i've got a place for you in my calendar as well.

it's so hard for me to say this. my heart is so heavy. but i know i need to do this. just until i'm able to come up for some air again, just so i'm able to reach the top of the mountain. and when i get there, i'm going to stay on the top of the mountain. i'm not gonna take on more than i can carry and let it push me down. i'm going to stand strong and hold my ground.

i have to know my limits. i have to know when to say 'no.' i have to find the perfect balance.

once i'm on top again and ready to book more sessions i'll let you know!
thanks to all my amazing clients! and thanks for understanding. <3


and of course i can't leave without a photo! LOVE this sweet mama and baby shot.:)


Tyger says:
at: October 5, 2012 at 9:49 AM said...

You gotta do what you gotta do! Decisions of life aren't always easy, but the best ones are sometimes the hardest! Picking between two, or three, or four great things at one time is no easy chore. I just pray that God gives me the wisdom to do the best one. Life will turn out for the best, just wait and see!

Jennifer Skoog Photography says:
at: October 5, 2012 at 10:56 AM said...

I could've written this post, too, Bree!! You are strong for doing this...! Wanna give me a pep talk, too? You'll have lots of people knocking on your door when you reach the top...remember what I said about prices/policies !!! law of supply and demand :-) :-)

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